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Mar 22, 2008 02:18 PM

Martha's Vineyard early May

A group of us are headed to the Vineyard for the first weekend in May. Any rec's for dinner on Saturday night that might be a step up from Offshore Ale or Sharky's? I found that Mediterranean, Lattanzi's, and Park Corner Bistro are open at that time of year. Thoughts on those or other ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Hi Jillian. If you search the boards you'll see some reviews of some of these spots that you mention. (Mediterranean is a very popular spot in terms of the food- it is BYOB.) Could you let us know what type of place you are looking for in terms of environment, food, etc. ? Are you bringing a car? Are you looking for a quiet, low key place or something with some energy? Have you been there before? Are any of you vegetarians? Are you oyster lovers? I have a home there and love to go out- happy to help, if I can.

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      Thanks for the offer of help! There are six of us in our 40's staying at a friend's place in OB. We will have a vehicle. We'd like something upscale but not stuffy - most of us are adventurous eaters so we're open as far as the menu goes. I have only been to MV a few times, and usually with young kids, so we haven't explored many of the nicer places. I didn't think we'd have many options at this time of year but perhaps I'm wrong. Any advice you can give is great!

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        With only night night, my suggestion would be The Mediterranean of the three you mention above. It is BYOB, so you could go out for a drink first, if you like and/ or bring some nice wine. It has a contemporary, modern feel, and some of the tables overlook the harbor in Vineyard Haven, so you can watch the boats. Their menu is sophisticated and fresh, with desserts being a specialty. In Oak Bluffs, The Sweet Life is a real favorite. It opens in April. The have a lovely garden area, but it may not be available when you go in early May. The restaurant is in an old Victorian home so it is a cozy, intimate feeling. More traditional than The Mediterranean. If you like fresh fish, do stop in at the Net Result in Vineyard Haven for some take out at lunch time. They have a wonderful selection of excellent to-go items and if it is nice out, you can even eat on the benches right outside. Have fun. The Vineyard is full of energy in the spring.

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          Thanks so much for the suggestions! They all sound great.

    2. If you are looking for something special and upscale, try L'Etoile in Edgartown. Here is their website: I've had several memorable meals there and their tasting menu is fantastic.