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Mar 22, 2008 02:16 PM

How Do I Cook The Nettles That I Picked Up At The Farmers' Market?

Anyone have any suggestions on how to cook the nettles that I picked up at my local farmers' market?

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  1. Carefully. Rinse them without handling them (a pasta strainer will work).

    I saute garlic in olive oil and then add the nettles to the sauce pan. They're ready when they're still bright green and just starting to go limp (2 or 3 minutes?). Throw them in pasta with cheese, or let them cool and eat them plain.

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        I didn't have any milk in the house, so I improvised off of this recipe for nettle soup from the Chocolate and Zucchini blog, except that onions make me sick so I had to omit the onions.

        It wasn't bad exactly, but kind of bland. Plus, I put a tablespoon of creme fraiche in the bowl I ate and that was way too much creme fraiche. I have a huge pot of the stuff left, so I will have to experiment with seasonings tomorrow. The soup with the creme fraiche tasted a bit like watery creamed spinach.

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          I reheated the nettle soup this morning for breakfast, skipped the creme fraiche and seasoned liberally with tumeric and it was better. I have one serving left, which I am going to try for breakfast tomorrow, stirring in an egg just before serving.

      2. Some Swedes i.e., my MIL serve them in a cream sauce.

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          Scandinavians serve practically all vegetables in lots of cream sauce!

        2. Obviously too late for you now, but I've made nettle risotto and it was delicious. A bit more "green" tasting than spinach - but use any spinach risotto recipe as a guide. Definitely handle carefully but once it's been blanched or steamed it's harmless. We have them growing all over the edges of our fields in the spring.

          1. I really liked the nettle and feta turnovers I made last spring. I steamed my nettles, squeezed them dry after, chopped them a bit, tossed them with good feta and maybe a little mint or oregano, and tucked them inside dough. Yum!

            My sweetie and I noticed that they have an iodine-y quality that gets more pronounced if you overcook them, so watch for that.

            I think they'd make great oysters rockafeller.

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              That sounds amazing. What kind of dough?