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Mar 22, 2008 01:47 PM

Toronto Brunch?

I'm taking my parents and a friend of theirs for brunch tomorrow (Sunday). So I'm not particularly looking for a college-student brunch spot, but I want it to be fun and the food to be good (don't we all?), preferably in the YORKVILLE / DOWNTOWN area or nearby.

I have to mention this though: went to this restaurant in vancouver for Brunch. My friend didn't tell me but the place is known to treat its customers with a foul mouth on purpose. So when I asked for a coffee refill, the answer I got was "you can go get your own f***ing refill, asshole!" I was confused at first but then quickly realized that the place is known for treating its cusotmers like shit on purpose, and everyone has a great laugh about it! It was hilarious. The server swore at me so many times i peed my pants.

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    1. re: cowhound

      Oh, their menu looks great! I'm all intrigued and psyched to go..

    2. Although I have been there many, many times for dinner, I had brunch at Niagara Street Cafe two weeks back and it was truly excellent.

      I had an albacore tuna sandwich with house-made lardons and it rocked my world.

      The service was uber-efficient and informed... and the three Sunday brunch beers did just the job!

      I know it's not near Yorkville, but it is well worth the trip down south of Queen West.

      Highly, highly recommended.

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        1. re: sepandee

          Niagara Street Cafe does have a separate brunch menu. It might not be on their website, but they do offer brunch. It's slightly overpriced imo, last time I was there, the portions were pretty skimpy, but the food's not bad.

      1. Studio Cafe in the Four Seasons has an Easter brunch menu on for tomorrow. I have a feeling it's probably booked up though. You can try.

        Caren's Wine Bar does a nice Sunday brunch -

        158 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R1A8, CA

        Studio Cafe
        21 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON M5R 2G1, CA

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        1. re: JamieK

          Thanks. Caren's has a website, but the menu has no price (why do they do that?). Can you suggest an average price per person?

          Also, has anyone been to the beerbistro on king?

                1. re: T Long

                  Bar Espresso on the South East corner of St George has a great Brunch......Miranda

        2. Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner is doing brunch today. You have to have a reservation.

          1. ended up going to that place in the centre in Hazelton shopping centre at Avenue and Yorkville/Davenport. It was expensive for a buffet, $26 to be exact, but it was nice. The food was ok, some things better than the other, but there was some nice classical piano playing, and everything was calm and quiet.