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Mar 22, 2008 01:26 PM

Tour D'Argent: overpriced tourist trap??

i dont know if it still has any Michelin stars.

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  1. It still has one star. I have not heard anything good said about it in many years.

    1. It still has one of /if not THE best wine cellar in Paris. But when I asked a couple of Paris foodie friends about it, they said (independently) "If only one could just go there for a drink. The view is spectacular, but the food is so dreadful."

      I've not invested, so no first hand report.

      1. I used to live right down the street from it. i know it's more a destination restaurant than a local bistro, but it still seemed odd to me that the only person i ever talked to who'd eaten there had flown in from the states to do so. (and thought it was just 'enh - much preferred bistro cote mer down the street).

        1. Here is a recent video review (in French) from François Simon:

          They just renovated the place and they have a new chef. Apparently the food is quite decent, clearly overpriced, and indeed there is the incredible view and the wine list to be compared only with Taillevent's.

          It's clearly not a food destination place (it hasn't been in thirty years), but it has other appeals and it is not a pure tourist trap. Food lovers have much better places to go, clearly.

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          1. re: souphie

            Except for the oysters, the food looks awful.

            The duck seems to be drowning in a pool of brown sauce.

            BTW, the french commentaries is really fun!!

            1. re: Maximilien

              It sure isn't modern cooking. But not awful. That's the very traditional duck recipe. If anything, it actually is exotic to us now.

          2. My godson wanted to propose to his then girlfriend at a romantic place. I called the Tour d'Argent, arranged everything and paid for it. They were graciously received and treated: table by the window, the quenelles du brochet, the duck etc. It was perfect. That is the kind of event it is for. (She said yes.)

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            1. re: beaulieu

              imho, the food is better at Lasserre and it's more romantic, with it's opening roof and all......