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Mar 22, 2008 01:19 PM

Seattle.... where to find curry sushi?

I've been reading about spicy curry sushi becoming popular in the Pacific Islands. Are there any places that serve curry sushi in the Seattle area?

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  1. Mashiko in West Seattle has at least one roll that has curry in it.

    1. What exactly is curry sushi?

      It is regular sushi topped off with japanese style curry?
      It is sushi that has some element of curry in it?
      Or is it some other odd culinary amalgam?

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      1. re: GreenYoshi

        janedoe67, thanks.

        GreenYoshi, it's all three. I've never had it, that's why I'm looking for it. Apparently it started in Singapore as a local variation in Japanese restaurants. I've seen a photo of a piece of nigirizushi topped with a piece of fish covered with a spicy red sauce. The other was makizushi with some sort of spicy ingredients and mango in the center.

        1. re: tralfaz

          i believe Ototo and Nishino (and maybe Kisaku?) serve hirame uzusukuri (typically whitefish sashimi w/ ponzu and dotted with a reddish slightly spicy srichacha sauce). Nishino also serves hamachi jalapeno. I'm sure with some encouragement one of these restaurants would be happy to accomodate your desires. A long shot, but you might also find it at Chez Shea or even Crush, both of whom sometimes do unorthodox carpaccios. Next time you're in L.A, Vegas or back east you can probably find a Nobu restaurant that serves this kind of thing.