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Mar 22, 2008 01:14 PM

KC, MO recommendations?

I'm going to be in KC, Mo, next week, staying at the Savoy for 2 days, without a car. any recommendations for good regional chow in that area, including barbecue ?

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  1. might try majestic steakhouse, which is walkable. sienna bistro if still open. otherwise you are looking at bars in that area.

    1. I love Strouds Fried Chicken -- it's served family style.

      And Arthur Bryants BBQ.

      I'm not sure how close that is to the Savoy -- but it's in KC. Enjoy!

      1. You are close to a million things.

        1. Savoy is a great restaurant... Other recommendations in that area would be the Mango Room, The Bristol in the P&L District, Garozzo's in Columbus Park, Fiorella's Jack Stack BBQ, Lydia's (Italian), PizzaBella (all in Crossroads area), and Arun (if you like Thai Food).

          1. I second Mango Room. You will be really close to The Peanut (wings and BLT's)
            and Los Corrales (I love their tacos). Both right up the street at 418 West 9th.