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Mar 22, 2008 10:51 AM

A GOOD cobb salad?

Where can I get a good cobb salad? I just had the wegman's one and it was so so- I have tried various restaurants and it's also just been so so- preference to NOVA since that's where I live..

thank you!!!

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  1. If you get into DC, Wollensky's Grill has the best classic Cobb I've found in the city. It's next to (really part of) Smith and Wollensky's on 19th, near L. It's been awhile since I've had one there, so call ahead to be sure it is still on the menu.

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      I'll second Wollensky's Grill. I've tried it at a couple other steakhouses, but Wollensky's is the best by far.

    2. Thanks! I'll have to go - I just miss a good cobb salad!

      1. In NoVA, i'd go with Cafe Deluxe which has a very good cobb salad. Daily Grill also makes a decent one.

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          The Daily Grill's "Cobb" is a chopped salad, not a classic Cobb with the ingredients laid out in strips on top of the lettice. It's very big though.

          Vermilion in Old Town Alexandria makes a lunchtime Cobb too, though I think they use a creamy feta dressing instead of blue cheese (or bleu cheese if you care to be fancy about it) but they might be willing to substitute.

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            I like the Daily Grill Cobb also. I prefer my lettuce chopped smaller (unless it is a wedge).

          2. for a fast version by metro center, the grand hyatt's cafe(teria really) at 11 and H NW tosses it on the spot - doesn't suck. (used to work around the corner) I'm sure the elements are all supplied by some Sysco type operation, but it beats any pre-mixed-who-knows-when grocery alternate.

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              hey- I just replied to you re. jamon iberico- you're in my food interest knowledge area! ( I just miss a cobb salad for a reason- not that i ate it all the time but the options have been dismal lately)

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                any food source that mixes bacon and cheese is cool in my book! maybe that should go on the "Guilty Pleasure" thread under General...

            2. I use to love the Cobb salad served at Champp's in Pentagon City. Certainly not the best food in the world but their Cobb salad was always quite good and HUGE!