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Mar 22, 2008 10:45 AM

Toronto Sweet Shops

I'm in Metro Toronto for a few days, and I want to check out the best of chocolateries, patisseries and dessert shops. What's not-to-be-missed?

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  1. I like Soma in the distillery district. Its a nice area to visit and they have very good chocolate and the best hot chocolate.

    1. My favourite chocolate shop in Toronto is Leonidas (Belgium chocolate and the same chain from what I understand as exists in Belgium). They have some great varieties of chocolate and a wonderful vanilla liqueur-filled chocolate. The location I usually go to is the one under Holt Renfrew down town. Soma is also worth the visit---great quantities of international chocolate and some other neat concoctions. Teuser in the Manulife centre has some good (more expensive than Leonidas) stuff also.

      All of the above is head and shoulders above the Godiva product (and as far as I know, unlike Godiva, the above products don't cut corners and include hydrogenated fats, which given the price you pay for Godiva, is really nervy in my opinion).

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        Oh and since you're here right now (Easter), if you like cream-filled eggs, consider going to a Laura Secord and picking up their cream-filled eggs. I suggest the larger size since last year the little ones were hard inside and not creamy at all (of course, I'm assuming you're from outside Canada and not familiar with LS.

      2. I would actually recommend going someplace like Pusateri's, as they carry a wide range of pastry items from local bakeries. That would be the easiest way to get the biggest cross-section of locally-made products.

        I'd also second Soma, and add Delight chocolates in the Junction.

        I love Kim Moon Bakery on Dundas West for Chinese pastries, and Mary McLeod's Shortbread on Queen East for awesome shortbread.

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          SherylKirby, I've never heard of Delight chocolates. Can you tell me what types of chocolates you like from there? (Just trying to figure out if I should make the trek to check it out!)

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            The selection in store is fairly small. You can check out the website...

            She does a lot of florals and spicy centres that are really interesting. Maybe call ahead and see what she has in stock the day you're planning on going by.

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          1. Sorry for the multiple answers; regarding pastries: Frangipane on Dupont near Spadina has some very nice tarts--all different types of fruit combinations from apricot almond to blueberry. Phipps on Eglinton near Avenue Rd has the best pecan pie and some nice chocolate rugelach. I agree with All the Best---they have a wonderful chelsea bun that's just perfectly sticky with a hint of orange and covered with cranberries and pecans (available only at the end of the week and weekends--I used to reserve one). It's also a pretty efficient stop if your time is limited since it really does try to stock "all the best" from Toronto (though it's missing the items I listed above!).

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              Phipps also has a nice little cafe/lunch spot in the back where you can grab soup, salad, etc. Their butter tarts and apple cakes are wonderful.

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                Their soups and spinach lasagna (if the latter happens to be one of their featured food items) are great. And while I don't eat the butter tarts, the pecan tarts (a close cousin) are very good... and I won't start to ramble yet again about the awesome of the pecan pie (the basic one--not the chocolate bottom or cranberry pecan, though I don't doubt those are good too).