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Mar 22, 2008 10:36 AM

930 Sushi in Newport Beach

Pass by this place on PCH every day but have never tried it. Is it any good?


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  1. I have been a few times and found it mediocre at best. Mostly over sauced and over sweet rolls. For better sushi at half the price drive up a 1/2 mile to Fuji Yama on PCH and Balboa. Kazu-san who owns this place used to work for Takashi Abe of Bluefin when he used to own Abe.

    If budget is no issue head down south on PCH to Bluefin in the Crystal Cove Promenade shopping center.

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      Second the recommendation of Bluefin! It's expensive, but one of the best around. Hamamori in South Coast Plaza is also getting terrific reviews!

    2. "Mostly over sauced and over sweet rolls." is spot-on. For a great hidden gem, try Kappo Sui.

      Kappo Sui
      Costa Mesa