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Mar 22, 2008 10:33 AM

Frozen Sweet Plantains in Boston Area?

I am looking for frozen plantains (maduros) in an area grocery store or market. Has anyone seen them? Brand doesn't matter (La Fey, Goya, whatever), but I need a large quantity by Monday. Any sightings or help would be great...

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  1. I bought them recently at the Hi-Lo market on Centre Street in JP. (Goya)

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    1. re: Bob Dobalina

      I have also found the Goya product at some Star/Shaws such as Star on Mt Auburn at Cambridge/Watertown Line and Shaws at Porter Square

      Edited to add: it's kind of hit and miss with Star/Shaws...sometimes they only have tostones, maduros more rare.

    2. You could also try Tropical Foods on Washington St in Roxbury.

      1. What do you do with FROZEN plantains, when fresh ones are pretty common nowadays? I have just started cooking with them so I'm curious.

        1. Packards Corner Shaws and North Beacon Street Stop and Shop both have frozen maduros pretty consistently.

          I too wonder why specifically frozen instead of just buying a mess of fresh maduros at Russo's.

          1. Ah the great maduro debate...My family has been running Cuban restaurants for years and I find that using fresh plantains from the store (almost always very green) are great for doing tostones, or the yellow more starchy fried plantain(score the skin long ways, blanch in boiling water for a minute or so, peel the skins,cut in chunks, fry, smash, and fry again, lots of salt and mojo, mmm). These can also be ripened for a week or two or however long it takes, and you can make maduros. But..I tend to find when you make them from fresh they tend to be a little drier and a bit less sweet. My abuela even started using the bag or box frozen ones for maduros, because I think they may have a sweet coating of some sorts on it. Its certainly not natural, healthy, and def. not traditional, but its damn good. Also I need it by Monday for a group of 40 or so, and don't have time to ripen some up. Anyhow back to the search, where is the North Beacon St Stop and Shop?

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              Fair enough, although if you do ever want fresh, Russo's has plantains at any given time from green to very nearly black.

              The North Beacon Street Stop and Shop is just off North Beacon between Union Square Allston and Market Street in Brighton, where WGBH and that cool old Dunkin Donuts sign are. It's actually set off the street by a block or so. There's a lighting company on the corner itself.

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                Some Stop & Shops (I think the Dedham and JP stores, for example) also sell both fresh green and ripe (yellow) plantains. They seem to be different (maybe picked at different stages?), as the green ones never quite ripen for me - they turn black before turning yellow. I've made sweet plantains with the ripe ones, and have been pretty happy with them. The green ones work well for tostones.

                I think that just freezing and thawing the plantains may make them seem moister. Some of the cells break, and liquid is released. That certainly is true of bananas. I store overripe ones in the freezer until I have enough to make banana bread. The thawed ones mash more easily, and are juicier, than the ones that were never frozen.