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Mar 22, 2008 10:18 AM

Food writing in Seattle

I'm taking my chances on having this moved to the Food Media board, but here goes...

What's your opinion of Seattle's food writers? I think the reviews can vary, some well done, some very poorly written. But, what's stranger to me is that it seems like the Times, PI, Stranger and Weekly all are on the same schedule. Last week it was all Asian noodle reviews; this week two of them reviewed Bada Sushi. And, this happens fairly regulary.

What's also baffling is that some of the prominent reviewers are well-known and don't go incognito when dining for reviews. Doesn't this brake rule number one of being a restaurant reviewer? And, sometimes it seems that the writer has only gone to the restaurant one time. That also seems like bad policy.

I'm wondering what other opinions are, and if you've found better sources for Seattle food writing and restaurant reviews than the four papers I mentioned above..

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  1. Maggie, It's even worse in Tacoma where the local reviewer for The News Tribune seems to have been raised on Pop Tarts and little else. Compared to the excellent reviewers at the Chicago News Tribune, Dallas, New York, etc. we're backwater country for quality. (I swear local food reviewers moonlight as Sysco drivers.) That's why Chowhound plays such a major role in the Pacific Northwest. It's up to Chowhounds to find and review the best chow destintations. Like so many aspects of national, regional and local news, relying on the local media--especially newspapers--is a waste of time.