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Mar 22, 2008 08:58 AM

Meals near Le Pavillon

We're staying at Le Pavillon for our April trip.
I'm hoping to get some tips for good food nearby for breakfast and lunch?


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  1. NOLA is compact & very walkable, you are a short distance from many, many options. Very close to your hotel is Horinoya, my favorite japanese place. Just down Poydras is Lil Dizzy's, which serves creole homestyle food & is open for breakfast, too.

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      HC is spot on with her recs, as usual. However, please note that Horinoya, although a great locals place, is nothing earth-shatteringly different from the sushi place you go to in your home town. We dopn't have inventive sushi in NOLA, but Horinoya is a very good local to get your fix, if that is what you crave.

      Lil Dizzy's is the CBD branch of a Mid City stalwart. Le Pavillion is a fairly fancy hotel, so you need to be forewarned that there is nothing fancy about this place - the food's the thing, and it is wonderful, but basic.

      I would also add Café Adelaide, Mila, and Dragos (just for the charbroild oysters) to HC's excellent list

    2. Thank you Celeste! We've been to New Orleans once for a family reunion, and we're really looking forward to this trip.

      1. We stayed in Le Pavillon in September (very lumpy beds, by the way...hope the renovations are over). I was very disappointed in Drago's charbroiled oysters- I much prefer Acme's which are on the Le Pavillion end of the French Quarter and was not a wait for lunch during the days we were there.

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          Le Pav has a wonderful lunch buffet that we end up at regularly. I would warn against Lil' Dizzy's as being a local greasy spoon that is not indicative of NoLa cuisine. You should definitely hit up Bon Ton. It's my go-to for when clients or experts fly into town. The oyster's alvin is wonderful and will give you a great taste of ol' NoLa.

          1. re: TigerAtty

            Lunch: Cuvee (W & Thur. only), August (Fri. only), Riomar (tapas), or hop a cab to Commanders...they have lunch specials as well as 25 cent martinis. Beats $3 for a glass of tea. You'll find that the prices for lunch at our fine dining restaurants are a bargain/great value. While we all enjoy a good poboy, a sandwich on French seems a wasted meal in NOLA when you have so few.

        2. Lil' Dizzy's is very good. Just had lunch there today. Trout Baquet was delicious, as was the fried chicken. Service could have been a tad better though.

          1. We're also coming April 17 and have reservations at Le Pavillion. I think Luke and Herbsaint are close by. Those are 2 of the places we have reservations. I plan to get the redfish courtboullion on Friday lunch at Luke, based on recs on this board.

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              Glecroy, have you ever had red fish courtboullion? Are you familiar with the preparation? The reason I ask is that it is probably my least favorite prep of redfish. I believe the thread was started by someone in search of a restaurant that served it. IMO it isn't on many menus for good reason.

              1. re: JazzyB

                No, but I thought since it was a dish that was sought after it might be worth a try. Since you asked I googled it and it looks like a creole dish. Is there something better at Luke's for lunch? Thanks for the heads up!

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                  I've only had the cassoulet (dry) and the burger at Luke. We went specifically to try the much lauded burger. It is very good, huge and comes with a cone of homemade fries. While we liked the venue and the burger, if I'm going to deal with the awful parking situation, there are much better choices in the CBD.