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Mar 22, 2008 08:56 AM

quick weeknight cookbooks?

My husband and I both love food, we both love cooking, and we prefer to eat at home during the week. However, now that we've both gone back to school, we find ourselves short on time. We need cookbooks with recipes that are quick but also taste great (and if healthy, added bonus). We have the Cook's Illustrated Best 30 Minute Meals book, which is really good, but most of the recipes take much longer, often over an hour, which is hard to manage after a full day of work and homework left to do. Can anyone suggest a cookbook of recipes that are truly fast yet also truly great?

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  1. Lorna Sass "Cooking Under Pressure" pressure cooker cookbook.

    1. Not sure if they're available Stateside, but Nigel Slater's The Thirty Minute Cook is fantastic, as is Real Fast Food. Nigella Express isn't bad either. And both Nigel Slater and Nigella Lawson are terrific writers.