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Mar 22, 2008 08:45 AM

Strip mall Eateries

Has anyone eaten at Pizza Roma in the NE Calgary ... Is it any good or should I head further to Atlas Pizza?

#4 4100 Marlborough dr NE

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  1. I'm not in Calgary but I think you should try that pizza place. I've eaten at some great little restaruants that I found in strip malls including Henry's here in Vancouver and some little places closer to work that have become part of our regular routine. Good Luck

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      I know but it can be a hit or miss. So if there is anyone who has eaten there I would like to know otherwise I might have to be the first one lol.

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        Every strip mall has a pizza place here- well pretty much every one- I don't think sleepy is asking about it merely because it's in a strip mall. Now having said that I agree that there are gems hidden in prosaic spaces- Anpurna being one of too many examples.

      2. Allrighty ! After staring at Pizza's Roma flyer on and off for 2 days we decided to try it out. On their flyer it says they make their own fresh dough daily. Their pizzas are lined with "homemade tomato sauce and generously topped with Mozzarella." So their phone guy says their two most popular pizza's are "Roma Special" (pepperoni,mushrooms, salami, ham, beef, shrimp and green peppers) and "Italiano's Way" ( Italian Sausage, bacon, mushrooms, green peppers and onions)

        The mediums were 10' for $11.00 each. They were pretty nice pies. The dough was crispy and chewy not too greasy. The toppings were fresh, good amount, and even throughout the pie. I'd say they are definitely better than any chain pizza place. They cost significantly less than Atlas but then again Atlas Pizza are king on toppings. I'd order from Pizza Roma again, however, I have to say I still gravitate to Atlas. Those are thick monster pies. DH concurs. I'd attach a photo but can't.