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Mar 22, 2008 08:35 AM

Great meal for 4?

My husband and I will be in town for 5 days. We're planning on getting together with my cousin that is graduating from Loyola. We'd like to take her and her boyfriend out for a festive meal to celebrate, but we'd like to not break the bank. We're looking to spend 15.-18. per entree. Good desserts are also a must!

Help is appreciated. :)

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  1. Last time we went to Commander's they had a three course menu for $20 which included dessert. I don't see it on line but maybe you could give them a call. The only other place I can think of is Cochon. Hubby mentioned Maspero and Tujagues but we have not been there in years.

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      Cochon is a great idea. Very festive. A great place to celebrate. We went two nights ago and the entrees ranged from $14 (oyster & bacon sandwich) to $22 (louisiana cochon with turnips, cabbage & cracklins or oven-roasted gulf fish "fisherman's style"). Others were catfish courtbouillon at $18, ham hock with lima bean hoppin john at $17, smoked beef brisket with horseradish potato salad at $18 and rabbit & dumplings for $19.

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        Commander's has a 3 course luncheon special for $29. Each course is pre set. They will however let you sub. soup for salad and switch desserts. Most recent visit was 3/17. Entree was (peeled) bar-b-que shrimp. It was also the same on 2 prior visits in Feb.

      2. AT 15-18 per entree you are going to have a tough time
        i;d say mandina's or for a kittle more go to adolfo's above apple barrel on frenchmen st

        1. Maybe Jacques-Imos would work. Their entrees may be a few dollars above but it is SUCH a fun restaurant.