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Mar 22, 2008 08:30 AM

stl--bday dinner (for 12) washu college girls

In town next month to take daughter and her girlfriends to dinner for daughter's 20th birthday. The group will probably be 10-12, on a Monday night. It should be fairly close to campus (Wash U) as she told me she has to put in a few hours after dinner because she has a test the next day. She loves the Cheesecake Factory (great salads!) but I would like suggestions for something else, since that is a place she goes to already. We were also talking about PF Changs, but since that is another standby of hers, I would appreciate any other ideas. Money is not the issue, but exotic or spicy food would not work, and the tapas and thai places have already been done by this group when they go out on their own.

Another idea is to do a dessert party at Bissingers on Maryland, following dinner with the two of us at Harvest or another of our favorites. Any thoughts?

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  1. How about Momos Taverna.

    I love this restaurant. It's fun and has a mix of ages, it's not too adventuresome on the food side. They have belly dancers at night. The decor is pretty and if it's a nice day they have outdoor seating. Oh and it's close to Wash U.

    St Louis has so many great independent restaurants that I would really try to avoid the chains that you can get in any city across the country.

    Another thought for dessert is also: Baileys Chocolate Bar.

    Also keep in mind that a lot of restaurants are closed on Mondays.

    1. April? It might be really nice outside then, so maybe consider taking them somewhere outside where they can hang out, talk, enjoy the spring weather. Nortons or McGurks in Soulard - not too far from Wash U. Great patios.

      Remy's in Clayton is close and the food is excellent.

      Also, I'll bet they would love Araka in Clayton - 20 year old Wash U girls would probably love the atmosphere, and the food is good. They could easily accommodate the large group. Very close to Wash U in Clayton, near the Ritz.

      My 20 year old daughter loves Cheesecake Factory also. I wish I had bought stock in that chain 15 years ago. They do a great job with their brand.

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        Across from Araka is Lucianno's - a very nice dinner restaurant. You can also eat outside here. How about combining? Eat at Lucianno's and head over to Araka for drinks and mingling.

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          Lucianno's is no longer is another name...that is slipping my mind. And the girls are 20...not 21. Drinking might not be the way to go.

          Pomme Cafe in Clayton (not Pomme...fine dining) is a great, relaxed place with good food...great wine for mom. There is also Atlas in the CWE on Pershing. EXCELLENT FOOD!!

          Katie's Pizzeria on Clayton Rd across from the Esquire is another cute spot...Wash U kids love it...but it's got good pizzas and a great stylish decor.

          Niche in Benton Park has seating for 12 in a private room. They have AMAZING food and it's one of the hippest spots in town. The girls would love it. Be sure to valet park...much easier than looking for a spot and it complimentary. There is also Sidney Street Cafe and Frazer's in Benton Park as well. But Benton Park is about a 10-15 min drive from Wash U. Don't know if you want to go that far.

          Scottish Arms, Terrene and Savor are all in the CWE and have good food and can accomodate your large group. Have fun!!!

          Monday night might be hard. You should check Sauce Magazine's website. Their restaurant guide will let you narrow down choices as to who is open on Mondays. Good Luck!

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            thanks everyone for all of the great recs! We are going to do the dinner for 12 on Sunday night, and I am giving her all of your suggestions to ponder. We have dinner for just 3 of us on Monday night at Jimmys on the Park, and we are thinking about where to go (for 3 of us) for yet another birthday dinner Sat nite...I would just take the daughter and her boyfriend. She said she heard Lucas Park Grille and Bar Italia are both good, so I did a separate post to get some opinions. I will have to roll back onto the plane after these three dinners! Again, many thanks.