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Mar 22, 2008 08:05 AM

Pheasant Eggs - anything in particular to make with them?

I bought some at the farmers market - a bit smaller than chicken eggs, larger than quail eggs. Will probably poach some for some kind of appetizer, maybe with shaved bottarga, but would welcome any other ideas ...

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  1. I ended up poaching these for lunch, and throwing together a salad with leftovers. I made a salad of thin slices of baby endives and Boston lettuce, with a dressing of creme fraiche, mayonnaise, olive oil, a little bit of Meyer lemon juice, tiny bit of white wine vinegar, grated bottarga, chopped chives, sea salt and ground pepper. I poached the eggs - a little more than a minute each, seasoned with a little salt and grated bottarga, put on top of the salad, then added some chopped chives and shaved bottarga for garnish.

    The pheasant eggs were lovely - the yolks were deep, deep yellow and rich (I should have taken a photo of one that I cut into), and quite large, with less white than one would expect. One egg looked odd when I cracked it open, so I threw it out. I would have liked a little crunch in the salad - maybe croutons of bread the size of the poached eggs to serve them on.

    Now to find my book for the duck for dinner!

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      Wow--those look fantastic. I'm very impressed you figured out a way to use them so they were featured so magnificently. Did they taste any different than chicken eggs, aside from the greater proportion of yolk?


      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        Maybe a slightly richer flavor? I'll taste this lastest box and report back!

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          Please do! Maybe this is an oeufs en meurette occasion?


    2. Oops. I see it's too late. Perhaps next time. I was thinking of the Zuni Fried Eggs in Bread Crumbs. And that would have given you the crunch you were looking for as well.

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        That sounds wonderful. I also have half a dozen beautiful chicken eggs from the farmer's market ... I splurged and got the ones with the pretty pale colors since it is Easter - but $5 ;-).