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Mar 22, 2008 07:28 AM

Tamarind & OXO Brasserie

We have reservations at Tamarind as it was highly recommended to us. (London). Has anyone been and can give me feedback? We also have reservations at OXO Brasserie. I'd appreciate any/all feedback about this restaurant too. Thanks!

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  1. It's been a while since I ate at the OXO Brasserie, but it was very expensive for food that wasn't bad, just mediocre. The view is fab though, and I'd definitely recommend going there for a drink.

    1. I'm afraid I agree - Oxo Brasserie is quite mediocre and quite expensive, and survives on its outstanding views and the out of town/tourist set.

      Not sure London has anywhere good with a decent view. You might get a better value, and more interesting, meal one floor down in the same building - a Yakitori restaurant opened up a few months ago. Haven't been, but it's got okay reviews (e.g.


      Greedygirl is right that a drink may be a better option, although am I right to remember that the bar faces away from the river, and the views are therefore a bit limited?

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        Try St Mary Axe for a meal - great views and the foods meant be good. The views are stellar - I've had drinks in the upstairs bar in the evening and was most impressed!

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          I'd check with St Mary Axe - I think the restaurant may be reserved for workers and corporate events only!

      2. Hi,

        I have eaten in Tamarind once, but found it fairly mediocre. The food was okay, but not brilliant, but moreover the service was terrible, and the surroundings fairly basic.

        The Oxo Restaurant (NOT the Brasserie), is lovely however - but expect to pay 100 GBP per head. I had a magnificent dinner in there - sauted foie gras, delicious lamb, and a silky creme brulee to finish.

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          Wow, ok, everyone seems to agree that OXO isn't worth it. We are interested in good food more than the view. I'm also disappointed to hear a bad opinion of Tamarind.

          Ok Chowhounds...we love Indian, fish, italian...I welcome your recommendations. We will be staying at the Marriott near Westminster. Please recommend better places to eat. THANKS!