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Mar 22, 2008 07:25 AM

chinatown duck meal

Hey guys,

My grandma and mom are visiting today from out of town, and my grandma wants to go experience one of those ducks hanging in the window chinatown places. I searched the boards already but I just wanted to get more updated/specific recommentations. Where's the best peking duck you've ever had there? It seems like Peking Duck House is popular, but the reviews have been mixed lately so I'm not sure about it. Nice Restaurant is supposed to have really good duck too right?

The place can be crowded and doesn't have to be fancy, but no total holes in the walls please!

Does Amazing 66 is have good peking duck or roast duck in anyone's experience? Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. ducks hanging in the window and peking duck are two different animals ... or at least two very different preparations, presentations and flavors.

    roast duck is fine, but is not the same as a peking duck experience.

    i like the peking duck house fine, but i personally haven't found their duck to be notably better than elsewhere, and i've found that the rest of their menu is a bit weak and unsatisfying.

    i've not experienced (yet) the peking duck at New Green Bo, but it has gotten a fair amount of praise, and they have a good, strong, tasty menu.

    excepting the peking duck house, you might want to call ahead to anyplace where you're hoping to get peking duck tonight and see if they have it and/or if you need to reserve one or order it in advance. some places that don't sell them constantly only make them to order.


    1. I think that Nice has closed; they did have good Peking duck there, served with the buns not the pancakes.. Maybe someone will confirm if they, in fact, have closed.

      Amazing 66 has Peking duck on their menu. I did not order it but I saw some roasted duck on another table the other night and it looked so fantastic that I was tempted to swipe some..this place also offers surroundings that are a bit nicer than usual for the area..(upstairs) English is spoken.

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        Nice closed last summer, as I recall. It is certainly closed.

      2. We went to Peking Duck House in January and we felt robbed. They sliced a little duck for us and I asked them to wrap the rest. I don't know how they pulled it off but there was a bait and switch. The duck we should have recieved only had the breast cut, the duck we ended up with had no meat left. I decided never to go there again. I was in Chinatown a few weeks ago and bought a whole Peking Duck for $15. It was plump and beautifully roasted but I don't remember the name of the shop if anyone can help with that. I made my own pancakes, bought the sauce, and chopped some scallions. I made additional dishes of shrimp, eggplant, and rice. There was also a great buffet, the best buffet I have ever been to that had perfect Peking Duck- East Buffet on Long Island.

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          They probably just gave you the wrong carcass by accident. Most people have the ducks two ways so at any given point there's bound to be a few carcasses sitting around waiting to be turned into a second dish.

          As that other poster said the hanging roast ducks you buy for 15 bux aren't the same thing.

        2. The stuff hanging off the window isn't the same thing, but it is a very close substitute that can be used to make peking duck "sandwiches". I must agree about Peking duck house though... definately not the place to go. It's not even authentic b/c the wrappers they give you are more like tortillas than the true chinese style.

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          1. re: QueenPeach

            Hi QueenPeach,

            The roast ducks that are usually hang at the window of Chinese BBQ places are completely different from peking duck in texture and slicing method and definitely should not be used as peking duck. Also, there are two ways of serving the peking ducks, one with the thin buns (or waht they call the lotus leaf buns) or the flour tortillas. Both are authentic and correct ways of serving peking ducks. If you go to Beijing there are plenty of places that serve peking ducks with the flour wrappers.

            1. re: kobetobiko

              i think Queen Peach's comment was more regarding thickness and texture of the pancakes ... they should be thin and delicate, and they are a bit overthick/overwhelming at Peking Duck House.

              1. re: charlie_b

                Oh sorry Queen Peach!. I have misunderstood your statement. Anyway, I do agree with you that Peking Duck house is not a good place for peking duck (ironically) because the duck wasn't that great!

                1. re: kobetobiko

                  Actually I like the Peking Duck at Peking Duck House - at both their Chinatown and east side location. It is comparable to what I've eaten over the years in Beijing, Hongkong and Taipei - especially since that Shanghainese place on 27 Division that served a great Peking Duck closed after 9-11. Tai Hong Lau at 70 Mott Street also has Peking Duck but not in the wheat flour pancakes. Not sure if they were these 'lotus leaf buns' but IMHO it did not serve the duck well.

                  1. re: kobetobiko

                    haha.. no problem.

                    I should have been more clear...order the whole duck (not the usual chopped-with-bone-in method) you can slice it up yourself to add it to your own peking duck sandwich. The skin will still be crispy and delicious. For me, the roast duck hanging from the windows may not be exact, but it doesn't have to be a completely exact recipe to make a good peking duck dish.

                    1. re: QueenPeach

                      I live near Chinatown East. Is there a place where I can buy the hanging duck plus pancakes and sauces all in one spot?

                      I've had it served many times, but I'd like to try a take home version.