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Mar 22, 2008 06:23 AM

Montreal - 4 star vegetarian? vegetarian poutine?

I've seen the older vegetarian related threads, but I haven't seen any mention of high end dining (i.e. Au Pied) where a vegetarian can have a top-notch meal. Any suggestions?

Also, does anyone know of anywhere in Montreal where you can find a great, guaranteed-vegetarian version of poutine?

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  1. The only "high-end" vegetarian-centric restaurant, "Les Chèvres" closed a few years ago.

    The is no real high-end restaurant left in town (IMO), but there are tons of vegetarian friendly restaurants.

    Have a look at (don't know if it's up-to-date


    As for Poutine, it's NOT a vegetarian thing, it should be made with real brown sauce made from meat.

    anyway, see this older thread

    1. Yes, you're right, both these topics have been discussed before, and I've yet to year a positive answer on either question, unfortunately.

      I just did a little searching at (bastion of all things poutine) and they say that Mamma's - at 75 Ave du Pins, 514-288-1128 - has "the only vegetarian poutine I've seen in Montreal". Unfortunately, they also say that the place is not worth the trip.

      Also, you may want to check out A la Table des Jardins sauvages - they aren't vegetarian, and they're outside the city (not sure if you'll have a car?), and not sure if you'll be able to read the French-only Web site (sorry for all the caveats!) - *but* if you eat fish & seafood, you may want to see if this place can do a veg menu for you - - they work with a lot of local ingredients and the menu looks fairly high-end.
      (heads-up - they say they don't take credit or debit cards!


      And here's a blog by the place's chef, Nancy Hinton:

      I wish you luck in your quest! :-)

      1. Hi There,

        First, on the high end, it depends on what you define as high end and what kind of vegetarian you are. I eat dairy and I suspect you do too if you're asking about poutine. I'm not obsessed about diet; I just prefer not to eat animals. For expensive places, I've had good meals at La Montee du Lait, Chez l'Epicier, Cafe Ferreira, Bice, and a few others. Au Pied du Cochon actually tried to accommodate me via appetizers and sides and it sort of worked. On the "bargain bistro" end I have found Au Petit Extra to be accommodating but not outstanding. There are some old threads on the topic. Anything French, be sure to call ahead and ask when you make your reservation. They will tell you. Stay away from Laloux, though, since on the phone they said they would accommodate and then did a very poor job of it. Of all of them, if you were to do only one, I'd recommend la Montee du Lait.

        If I recall, the potato place near Schwartz's serves certified vegetarian poutine though i haven't tried it. I have a veg friend who swears the poutine veggie at la banquise is vegetarian but I don't know if I believe him; I have simply adopted a "don't ask don't tell" policy for that once-a-year or so 3am run.

        1. Au Cinquième Péché always has at least one vegetarian main (usually a variation on their delicious sweet potato gnocchi) and several vegetarian apps and desserts on offer. The cooking's a satisfying mix of innovative and down to earth and the *cadre* is professional yet unpretentious and friendly. Don't know if it's four-star but it's definitely top-notch.

          1. Howdy!

            Not to sound like a broken record or anything, but Da Emma would be 4 star and very "vegetarianable."