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Mar 22, 2008 06:13 AM

The Carving Station

I went to the Carving Station (Beacon and Tremont) for the first time this week.

Tried the Carver Classic (ham, turkey, roast beef, greens, tomato, smoked chili mayo, on country white). It was *perfectly* executed. Each meat sliced to order and warm. Each meat flavored perfectly. Exactly the right proportion of meat, cheese, and extras. Bread was delicious.

I searched, there is little on this board about the Carving Station. I suspect that's because it's only open for lunch during the week, must be a favorite of people working downtown.

I am propelling it to the top of my Boston chow list. Will continue to try other menu items.

Anyone else experienced it?

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  1. Just found this:

    Not very positive except for the last post, growing pains? I stick by my assessment, that sandwich changed me.

    It's not cheap compared to other sandwich shops, but I'd not eat there everyday anyway, serious amount of meat.

    1. Hi,

      I tried it once with a work colleague for lunch. I found it to be pretty ordinary and very expensive for what it was. I haven't been back since.

      Try Sebastians, or Sam LaGrassa's, and you probably won't go back there either.

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      1. re: mwk

        Will do, will report back, thanks.

      2. I haven't, as the menu is underwhelming at best. Measly selection of breads and cheeses. Really measly for a place that aspires to be better-grade sandwich place.

        1. I had a couple of good sandwiches here in January, while working at One Beacon. Turkey club and pulled pork were above average. Their mac & cheese is really good.

          I love Sebastians, though the style is different -- leaner & cleaner. Sams is OK, but I find their fare heavy and greasy -- and not in a good way!

          1. Has anyone been recently? How is it?

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            1. re: BackBayGirl

              I'm actually quite fond of the Carving Station. I like the roast beef sandwich, as well as the pulled pork. And the pita chips are excellent

              1. re: BackBayGirl

                Right after the 4th, I had a very, very good BLT on thick white bread with thick cut slices of bacon (4), fresh grown tomato (locally grown) and greens.. The sandwich had a kick thanks to a smoked chili mayo. It also had something different that I liked (avocado.)

                At 7 bucks and change, it was not cheap. But it was tasty and then some.

                1. re: BackBayGirl

                  It's on my regular lunch rotation; very high quality ingredients (and outstanding pita chips) which justify the higher prices. The Ham & Egg sandwich is great as is the roast beef. My only complaint is that the pulled pork can be inconsistent at 2pm when I usually get lunch.