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Mar 22, 2008 02:32 AM

Anyone know if the Sunday Hollywood Farmer's Market is Closed for Easter?

I have been wanting to try out he Sunday Hollywood Farmer's Market. Anyone know if it is closed for Easter, as is the Beverly Hills one?

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  1. I would assume it's open as not everybody celebrates Easter, the Holy Day of the Chocolate Bunny.
    Give them a call :

    1. I was at the Hollywood one last week and they had signs saying they would be open. Personally, I wouldn't count on all the stands being there though...

      1. the only time they close is when it rains...and there will probably be some vendors in costume. (happens every holiday). but i agree with "Heidi"; some stands probably won't be open.

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          Actually, IIRC, the HFM was fully closed on December 23rd. There was an announcement on the website at the time. I could find no similar announcement for Easter.