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What's cooking?

I haven't cooked for a while, so today it was so nice to putter around the kitchen making things smell good. I made Hunter's Chicken and orzo with basil from the Rachael Ray magazine. I started wondering what you guys ate for dinner last night--I just want to see a snapshot of what CH eat day-to-day.

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  1. Funnily enough, I was going to post the exact same thread! One of the most popular topics on another board I'm a member of is "What's for tea (that means dinner, for you American folk) tonight?". It's the source of much amusement, and lots of inspiration.

    As I am working tonight, I will be having a Nigella pasta salad - pasta with mortadella (although I used a German-style sausage instead), parmesan and a mustard and lemon dressing. I added spring onions (scallions) too.

    1. Actually nothing really exotic, baby back ribs, baked potato and asparagus. The ribs were fabulous, buried in onions and then baked slowly, brushed with a little barbeque sauce right before serving.

      1. I made some a wonderful white lasagna* last night. Tonight I'm going to make Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon for the first time.... I've been meaning to make this for at least the last 3 months.


        1. We went out last night, but I just bought a duck to make for tonight, mostly because I want to make Simon Hopkinson's fabulous duck soup for tomorrow night and need the carcass for it!

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            I love your enthusiasm for Simon Hopkinson, MMRuth! Have you come across another fabulous book of his - The Prawn Cocktail Years? He wrote it with another British food writer, Lindsay Bareham, and it's a fantastic compilation of retro recipes, as the title suggests. It's a fun book just to read, but I've made some of the recipes (prawn cocktail, of course, and chicken chasseur!).

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              I don't have The Prawn Cocktail - yet - I have Week In, Week Out, as well as the two Roast Chicken books.

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                I only have the first Roast Chicken, as well as Week In, Week Out, but my favourite website for cheap cookery books is selling Roast Chicken Part Two for three quid at the moment so I may well indulge....

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                  Roast Chicken Part Two is worth buying just for the duck soup recipe - though I think I posted a paraphrase here as well.

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                  Are you familiar with Nigel Slater, Ruth? Another very British cook, and he writes like a dream. The 30-Minute Cook and Real Fast Food are classics.

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                Ruth, what cookbook are you cooking from to make the duck and duck soup?
                Have you made the amazing four hour roast duck? I made it for Passover last year as well as brisket and everyone loved it.

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                  The duck soup is from Second Helpings of Roast Chicken, which I'm madly looking for so that I can find the duck recipe that goes with it. Where is the four hour roast duck recipe - I was thinking of doing that as well.

                  http://www.chowhound.com/topics/483964 - duck soup report

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                    Is this the roast duck recipe?


                    OK - I'm going to do this. If you did the 4 hours - did you turn up the heat for the fourth hour? I have a Muscovy duck - hopefully it will still be ok ... I have some sour cherries - jarred - that I've been meaning to make a sauce with - so I'm going to do that for this duck. Not sure how/what yet - but will figure it out!

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                      Yup, that's it. It's actually a 5 hr roast duck. After 4 hours, increase the heat to 350 degrees. Amazing, truly.

                      Here's a cherry sauce I served w/ the duck from one of my very favorite cookbooks, White Dog Cafe:
                      Combine 1/3 c. dried cherries w/ 1/3 c. ruby port, 1/4 c. sherry vinegar, 1 T brown sugar, 1 T minced shallots, 5 black peppercorns and one bay leaf. Bring to a boil and cook at low/simmer until liquid evaporates, about 5 mins.
                      Stir in 1 c. veal demi glace and simmer for 2 mins. Stir in S&P. Remove bay leaf. Can refrigerate for up to 1 week, covered.

                      I think you could certainly use your sour cherries; just decrease liquid since you're not reconstituting dried cherries.

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                        Thanks - I like the idea of the sherry vinegar. Off to turn on my oven!

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                          good luck!
                          and I'm looking forward to a full report!

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                          This one sounds great. And it makes sense to make this with the ones you have and just use less liquid or reduce more.

                          Here's that link I mentioned for another one based on dried cherries:


                  2. I didn't make a meal last night, just nibbled. Tonight I will be cooking some halibut I bought and froze, first of the season. I'm making Epicurious.com Halibut and Clams with Red Bell Peppers and Saffron. Have lots of veggies in fridge - maybe have rapini. Rice? Maybe a nice mild morel risotto. I also have half a papaya and will make the papaya appy suggested in another thread leaving some of the black seeds for garnish. Dessert - I have either cardamom ice cream or pear sorbet in freezer, both homemade. Probably have the pear sorbet. It's a good day when the larder is stocked!

                    1. Today's my mans b-day which we are celebrating by having friends over to play poker. I'm responsible for catering the event:

                      simple mixed salad w/toasted pumpkin seeds & thin slices of red onion, olive oil & balsamic
                      appetizer plate with serrano ham, finnocchiola (sp.???) salami, and paté au poivre (um, not homemade)
                      cheese plate = chevre, some blue sheep cheese, 5 yr. old gouda, and bergenost cheddar....
                      Greek-style pasta salad with farfalle, feta, red peppers, green asparagus, and toasted pine nuts.

                      I'm hoping this will be enough, otherwise I'll whip up some spicy peanut noodles, too.

                      Dessert will be store-bought.

                      1. We make pizza on Friday nights. Last night we use the dough recipe from Alice Waters Art of Simple Food for the first time and liked it very much. I think this will be our new go to recipe for dough. We made two: one with fresh tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella and the other with cambozola, proscuitto and some pineapple we had in the fridge.

                        Made a good breakfast this morning.

                        We're off to a Spring Training game today(dodgers vs angels!) so hot dogs will be on the agenda for lunch. Haven't gotten as far as dinner. I have some chard in the fridge so will probably make some sort of pasta with it or maybe an omelette.

                        1. Happen to have some pulled pork from a pork shoulder my guy cooked a couple days ago. That will make a great sandwich with some good barbeque sauce.

                          Making spoon cookies for my sister's open house (moving into a new house.) I'm going to pair it with a big spoon of her's that somehow ended up in my silverware drawer. And making some strawberry crepes for an Easter gathering tomorrow. Am hoping that will be light. Am going to put a little tarragon in with the strawberries. I saw that in one of my books yesterday and it looks good.

                          1. i'd been sick since last sat and haven't cooked anything besides chicken soup all week

                            today i'm dying for some chicken adobo but i've never made it before - hoping it comes out close to what i've been craving all week

                            1. Last night I cooked a London broil. It had a simple marinade of some really nice balsamic vinegar, fresh rosemary and evoo. Grilled it to rare and let it rest in foil for about 10 more minutes. Served mashed yukon golds, crook neck squash with a garlic orange sauce and made a quick gravy from the drippings that acumulated in the foil while the meat was resting. Just had a sandwich from the leftover meat.

                              1. Last night we made a vegetarian Risi et Bisi for Good Friday dinner... with a few added vegetables to amp it up a bit. I would have cooked a seafood dish but we were not very hungry.

                                Tonight I'm making Herb-Scented Tuscan Pork Roast, adapted by moi from Sally Schneider's "A New Way To Cook." I'll roast some potatoes with cherry tomatoes, EVOO, S & P, and rosemary. A tossed salad with blue cheese dressing should complete the meal. We hardly ever have dessert.

                                1. I have a natural free-range boston butt defrosting to cook tomorrow. I'm thinking of cooking simply so that I can make a second dish w/ it later in the week -- perhaps a Dunlop recipe. It has a bone in, I think.
                                  I'm thinking of braising w/ beer, shallots, garlic and bacon a la Pork & Sons. The recipe does not call for marinating. Or maybe pernil.
                                  Any suggestions? Sides?

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                                    If you want a Dunlop recipe I thought of her Dry-Fried Green Beans, or perhaps the eggplant recipe. Or even a rice dish. I think that Pork and Sons book is in my furure. It keeps cropping up every where I look.

                                  2. I'm making a mock lasagna Bolognese with penne pasta for dinner today. I have hot cross buns are fermenting, and the Easter tort will be baked this evening.

                                    1. I made something that was a little like a pasta sundae: a bed of whole wheat linguine, topped with a chunky fire-roasted tomato and basil sauce, then spinach sauteed with garlic, shitaake mushrooms, a scoop of fantastic fresh ricotta from Fairway, a little salt and pepper, then topped with toasted walnuts and basil chiffonade. It looked so cool on the plate, lots of layers and it really was tasty too.

                                      1. last night i made a vietnamese style spicy crab using soft shell crabs instead of dungeness along w/ some sauteed spinach w/ garlic...the soft shell crabs were dredged in flour then fried, so tonight, i may just have to fast to make up for the severe calorie overage from that meal...:o)

                                        1. Last night litlle jfood, home from college wanted a light dinner since she and her roommate are flying back to NOLA this morning. So jfood grabbed some U-10 shrimp and onto the BBQ. Then a nice big salad with BBQ shrimp.

                                          Mrs jfood also going to MIL, so this afternoon has NCAA B'ball plus making Silver Palate Salmon Croquettes and a nice chocolate cake.

                                          Tonight jfood is experimenting. He has a Zuni chicken drying in the downstairs fridge. He is going to try placing on a vertical roaster and then onto the Weber with only the front and rear heaters on high. Since it is only him and the other little jfood home tonight, if it fails there is always Chinese take-out or the croquettes. Oh yeah and a piece of chocolate cake to watch John Adams Part 3.

                                          1. Last nght I had a couple of friends over and served a piece orf pork belly from the farmer's market. I used a recipe from the New York Times magazine (only on the Web site) from a couple of weeks ago with fennel, leeks and green olives. It was delicious but very fatty. I've never prepared that cut of meat before and I wouldn't do it very often. My digestion suffered. For dessert I made Nigella's clementine cake. First time for that recipe too. It was SO good, And easy.

                                            1. I had Chilean sea bass with citrus butter sauce. On the side was some sauteed spinach. It was so good! It was my first time cooking sea bass. I'm saving the leftover sauce for some other sort of seafood later this week.


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