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Mar 21, 2008 11:47 PM

best pre-entree bread

sometime's pre-entree bread is the best part of the meal! pre-entree bead is the free bread you get before the meal.

my favorite is from sesame grill in arcadia.

what's your favorite?

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  1. I agree about the bread at sesame grill. I had a pretty good steak there also. Nice modern ambiance inside as well.

    I can’t stop eating the dinner bread at both of these places below.

    Classic Italian-American dinner bread --
    Petrillo's Pizza (Restaurant & Take-Out)
    833 E Valley Blvd
    San Gabriel, CA 91776
    (626) 280-7332

    For really good dinner rolls with some garlic butter melted on top--
    Pizza Place California
    303 S Mission Dr
    San Gabriel, CA 91776
    (626) 570-9622

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    1. re: JeetJet

      I though Bastide had great bread, love the pizza bread at Angeli, and can't go to brunch at 3 Square without getting the bread/pastry basket (served with raspberry jam and Plugra), although this one isn't complimentary.

      1. Osteria Mozza. Nancy makes great bread; she should open a bakery or something.

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        1. re: SauceSupreme

          ... and call it La Brea Bakery, or something.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              And after she opened that bakery, she could serve the bread next door, or something.

              1. re: maxzook

                And then sell the bakery and watch everyone go into withdrawal when the quality declines.

          1. Hands down... Il Forno Caffe/Pizzaria. It is located in Santa Monica, on Ocean Park. Free parking. Delightful menu... check it out online!!! And the BEST bread I've EVER had outside of a bakery.

            If you don't agree... I'll be STUNNED. And you'd be the FIRST person I've ever met who would have thought otherwise. I've been taking friends and girlfriends to this sweet spot since I was 15. Over ten years later, it's only gotten better. PLEASE check the online menu... and if you're on the westside... HIT IT UP!


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            1. re: WORX4FUDE

              I second Il Forno Caffe!!! Some of the best pre-dinner bread I've ever had. I also recommend Il Forno Caldo on Santa Monica in BH on the corner of Santa Monica and Roxbury.

              I'm gonna get roasted for this recommendation but I'll stand by it... the sourdough bread at Grand Lux Cafe (when it's fresh and hot) is amazing!

              1. re: mrshankly

                The pizza bread at Da Pasquale in BH.

              2. re: WORX4FUDE

                Il Forno was the first place I thought of too. Delicious bread! So delicious in fact I can't even remember if enjoyed the rest of my meal I only remember the bread.

              3. The best bread in town in in the southbay, both Chez Melange in Redondo Beach, (in their assorted basket, the hot cheese bread is beyon compare), and Depot in Torrance, which has a great datenut or banana bread, and great rolls among the assortment.