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Love letter to Quinn's

Went back this evening after a bit of a break and was pleasantly surprised to find them continuing to add brilliant new ideas to the menu.

The Pork Roulade, with squash risotto and chestnut jus, is about the prettiest dish I've ever had the pleasure of ordering, and it delivers on flavor through and through. Bravo!

Meatball sliders were super cute, and great little punches of flavor.

Also, I've tried many cocktails using cucumber, and been disappointed in them all, but their "Dirty Little Secret" with gin, cucumber, I forget what else and a bit of pickle really hit the mark.

Can't wait to go back.

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  1. I too recently returned to Quinn's. I had been when they first opened, so this was my second visit. Our service was quite good--when we mentioned a forgotten order of olives, we were given a comped dessert (because we obviously had no interest in the olives by then) and then he brought the olives in a to-go container because they were "too good to miss".

    All of our dishes were fantastic, no question about it, but I did always feel like they could have remembered to stop adding components at some point. Marrow bones were great, but to get to the marrow, we had to scrape off gobs of onion compote. Oxtail w/gnocchi was terrific and very rich, so why anchor it to the plate with cheese sauce? I felt this way about everything I ordered, in part because the main components were soooo delicious that I felt a lot of the extra saucing and garnishes were too much.

    1. My family was in town this weekend and we decided to go there Sunday night for dinner. Due to the fabulous beer selection and non-rushed atmosphere, my family ended up drinking, eating, and talking there for over 2.5 hrs. As for the food, there was not one negative thing to say from my family who ate everything from the grilled romaine salad (my favorite) to the fish and chips, to the bone marrow, to the burger, to much more (there was nine of us total). Everything was AMAZING!! This was my third visit to Quinns and I vow to bring ANYONE looking for a great meal, in a non-pretentious atmosphere here.

      1. We went to Quinn's last night for dinner (on our very short day trip from Vancouver to Seattle, although we are hounds from San Francisco visiting Vancouver) since all the recommendations seemed so great! We really really enjoyed every part of our meal at Quinn's, the seared foie-gras appetizer was rich and flavorful. We had the pork roulade and the seared tuna for entrees and every bite was just fantastic. In my opinion, it was sort of like high-end comfort food with a lighter twist. The service was brisk but gracious. Overall, I think it was a great experience in Seattle!

        1. Went a couple of weeks ago and I was really impressed. We just went in for drinks and small bites. I had the duck egg, which was delicious, and the sliders. They were Really little (about 1/2 the size of WC sliders), but man were they tasty. I can't wait to go back and have a full dinner.

          1. We ate there a few nights ago. It was good pub food, but not epicurean dining. Found the dishes rather on the fatty side. When full of people, it is loud and the tables are close together. Good booze list.

            1. After reading all the buzz here on CH I just had to go and try their burger. I have long used the Palace Kitchen as my "gold standard," but no more. My burger was perfectly medium rare and the brioche it was served on stood up beautifully to the all the wonderful juices. My biggest complaint about the Palace burger is that the bread they use turns to mush as you eat it - not so easy to eat!.

              I went with my SO and a group of friends and everyone was very happy. My SO got a lamb dish with a polenta and goat cheese side. Oh my gosh...I could have eaten a meal of that polenta. Just delicious.

              I also tried their "crimson poire" cocktail. I don't drink too much and I was very happy with my choice. It had a light cinnamon taste to it and the rhubarb compote at the bottom was so fresh and spring-y. What a great way to celebrate one of the first real spring days in Seattle!

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                Tonight at Quinn's I was ready to order the burger, when I was told one of the specials was the "ultimate burger".. in addition to the medium-rare Wagyu beef: foie gras, duck rillette spread on the bun, and short rib below the beef. Sub the fontina and demi frites for the regular fries and it became my new gold standard burger.

                Perfectly executed, Quinn's. I will dream of this burger.

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                  I too was at Quinn's this evening (something about a Wednesday?) and finally tried the regular (non-Ultra) burger.

                  Definitely the best I've had in Seattle. I would have actually subtracted the bacon and cheese and asked for less salt on the fries, but these are quibbles. The Ultra Burger I might have ordered if I'd had 2 or 3 people to share it with.

                  Also good tonight was the grilled romaine salad.

                  1. re: terrier

                    I actually did ask for no bacon as I wanted to taste the beef. I can't live without cheese though. ;)

                  2. re: phong

                    A self-correction, the burger is called the "ultra" burger. It is still the most ultimate in my book. :)

                2. Quinn's sounds so meat-focused--is there much (any?) seafood or non-meat options (including side dishes) on the menu?

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                    There are seafood and non meat options--I actually went with vegetarians who loved what they got, however, there options were very limited. I think the veg side dishes had a few small (tiny) things, and there was one small and one large veg option. Eating seafood will open a few more doors, I think there are a couple fish entrees.

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                      I went with friends who aren't big meat eaters. They ordered a (seared? I'm not a fish eater so I am not positive that is how it was prepared) tuna dish and a bread salad. They said they were great although my SO (who also ordered a bread salad) said he missed the mozzarella on the salad.

                    2. re: christy319

                      I think this is a big weakness here. It's getting to be springtime but their menu reads like winter.

                      Hopefully they freshen it up when the temperatures start hitting 60 more often.

                      1. re: terrier

                        Went for the first time last night. Everything was good, but just off the mark. I'm thinking they might have had an off night though- will give it another chance. It's such a lovely place with such a killer menu that I want to write it off to it being an off night.

                        1. re: allisonw

                          I'm going out on a limb here .. but I'll guess they must be exhausted at quinn's ... they have been going like gang busters since day one. I've had some misses but mostly hits .. and it has been busy every single time I've been there.

                    3. Quinn's is an EXCELLENT place to go for dinner in Seattle. See also my posting "Excellence in Seattle". Bravo!

                      1. I've recently made my first trip to Quinn's, and I have to say that I was not as impressed with their burger as I should have been. The bun, of course, was fantastic, and the flavor was quite lovely, but the texture just doesn't work for me. It's all mush, and I happen to like a bit of crunch or crisp in my burgers. I thought the bacon would retain a smidgen of crisp, but it was far too engulfed in melted cheese to impart much to the texture. Maybe it's not normally like that, I don't know, but I may have to try it again to see if I might not be wrong.

                        I absolutely agree with the above post that mentions the polenta, though. That stuff, and the lamb it was served with, was niiiiiiice.

                        1. I'm a big fan of Quinn's also- it is definitely meat heavy as it is designed with the english gastropub in mind which is higher end pub food mainly about meat and potatoes. I couldn't disagree with itsonlyfood more- I think what Quinn's is doing is absolutely epicurean - they are creating interesting and original dishes and introducing a lot of people to things they wouldn't normally dream of eating or know where to go for it- foie gras, marrow, pigs head, etc. Kudos to the team at Quinn's, we need more places like this in Seattle.

                          1. Went for the first time last night, the two of us split four "small plates:"

                            the special of seared beef tongue with a radish, pickled red onion and watercress salad over a golden beet emulsion (by far, the best of what we tried, the meat was tender and perfectly seasoned, and the salad a good counterpoint)

                            tete de cochon with sunnyside up egg and parsley salad (I really liked this though the crisp pork skin band becomes less appealing the longer you wait to eat it, salad was a perfect palate cleanser for the richness of the meat, egg was slightly overdone)

                            wild boar sloppy joe with fried sage leaves and a whole roasted jalapeno (wow, that pepper is hot, we stemmed and seeded ours which made for a much more managable flavor punch to the meat)

                            oxtails over potato gnocchi with marrow bits with a cheese(?) sauce (I have to say, this was too much, I would have skipped the sauce completely as the meat and gnocchi are rich enough on their own)

                            While everything was quite tasty, we found three out of four dishes to be excessively salty (especially the oxtail). Even though the restaurant was not packed (at least a couple empty tables, a number of seats at the bar), the pacing of our meal was on the slow side (we ordered all our plates right from the start and it took maybe 1 1/2 hours to receive all of them), the waiter, without asking, comped us our last plate. Beer and wine selection is very solid (more whites by the glass, please!), and the atmosphere is lively if a little on the noisy side.

                            1. I figure it is okay to keep lauding praise upon Quinn's here, since it is entitled "a love letter". I ate there last night and it was unbelievable. That is all I can say. I swear to god if they had a patio, I'd move right in.

                              Had the ultra burger, the grilled salad (my current fav. salad--I don't usually order salads. waste of stomach space) and the oysters.

                              I will say, that I have twice been comped desserts (for no good reason, I'll add, they are just wonderful like that) and both desserts were rather underwhelming, so they do have room for improvement.

                              Though, I'd never order a dessert if it wasn't free, so I would never have known otherwise.

                              1. I went last week, and I was far more impressed than I was a couple months ago. I loved a small plate of eggplant baba topped with tuna tartar and preserved lemon rings, fried like tempura. It was so unique and such an unexpected combination - so delicious!

                                Our server was one of the best I've ever had. Super helpful and knowledgeable and down to earth - but he didn't linger or interupt our conversation. He also made me a special drink, that I've only been able to enjoy at home: half sour cherry lambic/half Guiness. Mmm!

                                1. Oh, I love Quinns too. The frittes make me want to cry! Its just perfect, cozy, not stuffy and you can watch Seattle ites as you eat great food and drink beer. Damn it is so good. I recommend it to all my friends. Even the service was good, non snooty and just good quality. I can't wait to go back!