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Mar 21, 2008 11:01 PM

Love letter to Quinn's

Went back this evening after a bit of a break and was pleasantly surprised to find them continuing to add brilliant new ideas to the menu.

The Pork Roulade, with squash risotto and chestnut jus, is about the prettiest dish I've ever had the pleasure of ordering, and it delivers on flavor through and through. Bravo!

Meatball sliders were super cute, and great little punches of flavor.

Also, I've tried many cocktails using cucumber, and been disappointed in them all, but their "Dirty Little Secret" with gin, cucumber, I forget what else and a bit of pickle really hit the mark.

Can't wait to go back.

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  1. I too recently returned to Quinn's. I had been when they first opened, so this was my second visit. Our service was quite good--when we mentioned a forgotten order of olives, we were given a comped dessert (because we obviously had no interest in the olives by then) and then he brought the olives in a to-go container because they were "too good to miss".

    All of our dishes were fantastic, no question about it, but I did always feel like they could have remembered to stop adding components at some point. Marrow bones were great, but to get to the marrow, we had to scrape off gobs of onion compote. Oxtail w/gnocchi was terrific and very rich, so why anchor it to the plate with cheese sauce? I felt this way about everything I ordered, in part because the main components were soooo delicious that I felt a lot of the extra saucing and garnishes were too much.

    1. My family was in town this weekend and we decided to go there Sunday night for dinner. Due to the fabulous beer selection and non-rushed atmosphere, my family ended up drinking, eating, and talking there for over 2.5 hrs. As for the food, there was not one negative thing to say from my family who ate everything from the grilled romaine salad (my favorite) to the fish and chips, to the bone marrow, to the burger, to much more (there was nine of us total). Everything was AMAZING!! This was my third visit to Quinns and I vow to bring ANYONE looking for a great meal, in a non-pretentious atmosphere here.

      1. We went to Quinn's last night for dinner (on our very short day trip from Vancouver to Seattle, although we are hounds from San Francisco visiting Vancouver) since all the recommendations seemed so great! We really really enjoyed every part of our meal at Quinn's, the seared foie-gras appetizer was rich and flavorful. We had the pork roulade and the seared tuna for entrees and every bite was just fantastic. In my opinion, it was sort of like high-end comfort food with a lighter twist. The service was brisk but gracious. Overall, I think it was a great experience in Seattle!

        1. Went a couple of weeks ago and I was really impressed. We just went in for drinks and small bites. I had the duck egg, which was delicious, and the sliders. They were Really little (about 1/2 the size of WC sliders), but man were they tasty. I can't wait to go back and have a full dinner.

          1. We ate there a few nights ago. It was good pub food, but not epicurean dining. Found the dishes rather on the fatty side. When full of people, it is loud and the tables are close together. Good booze list.