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Mar 21, 2008 10:42 PM

ISO oshi/hako sushi

I recently read about hakozushi and oshizushi and was wondering where i can get it in LA. In case you are wondering, these are types of pressed sushi. From the research I have done, no places specialize in it, but hopefully some places serve it. All help is appreciated.

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  1. R23 has been mentioned on the LA board in the past as offering oshizushi if you request it from them, (not on their regular menu). Don't know if it's still the case or not but could be worth checking out if you are really interested.

    1. go to Sakae sushi in Gardena. They specialize in it and its pretty good. Don't know exact add but its right off of redondo beach blvd across the street from pacific square mall and next to spoon house.

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        If this is the place at 1601 W. Redondo Beach Blvd. in Gardena my understanding is that ALL they do in terms of sushi is the following: (and NONE of it is pressed or oshizushi style). Can anyone else confirm?

        1) Nori-Maki: shiitake mushroom, spinach, kampyo, oboro, egg, and rice wrapped in seaweed
        2) Inari: fried tofu stuffed with rice
        3) Ebi: rice topped with cooked shrimp
        4) Saba: rice topped with pickled Atlantic mackerel
        5) Tamago-Maki: similar to Nori-Maki, but no seaweed and topped with sweet egg
        6) California Roll: avocado, shrimp, roasted sesame seeds, and rice rolled in seaweed

        1. re: Servorg

          yes, this place. The Saba and ebi are considered oshi-sushi no?

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            I thought that this type of sushi is molded in a special box to press it into squares or flatten and square off the edges to form a rectangle. Sakae sells their sushi in a bento box to go, I remember that. But do they form it with a mold? I don't recall, but maybe they do?