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Mar 21, 2008 10:25 PM

“I Drink your Milkshake!”

Wow, The power of suggestion. Since hearing that line in “There will be blood” I must have took it to mean, “There will be Milkshakes!” I can’t get them off of my mind. Real ice cream hand scooped and blended with fresh milk. I have hit the places below over the last few weeks and my obsession is growing. I want to know if I missed any good ones because “I Drink your Milkshake! I Drink it Up and I have a big straw that will reach aaaaaaaallll the way across L.A. and into your milkshake.

In NO particular order and the flavor I tried at each place is not to say other flavors might not be better in your opinion.

Fry's Electronics (Vanilla ,2 this week and I know another will come soon because I somehow seem to not buy all the electronic DVR parts I need just so I can return again.)
13401 Crossroads Parkway North
City Of Industry, CA 91746
(562) 463-2400

Fosselman's (Peppermint Stick, This one takes me back to being 7 yrs. old when I had my first)
1824 W. Main St.
Alhambra, CA 91801

Milk (Chocolate, this is better than the $5 milkshake I dreamed of after watching Pulp Fiction)
7290 Beverly Boulevard (at Poinsettia)
Los Angeles 90036
(323) 939-6455

Pann's (Orio, Once I start sipping it I cannot stop)
6710 La Tijera Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Baker's Burgers (Chocolate, 2 a couple of weeks ago)
2555 S Archibald Ave (North side of rchibald Ave at the 10 Fry -- Ontario Airport)
Ontario, CA 91761
(909) 673-0109

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  1. You know the one place I've always wanted to try but couldn't bring myself to enter is the soda fountain at the Disney store across from Hollywood and Highland. Anybody have any reports?

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    1. re: SauceSupreme

      The chocolate cake milkshake at Lucky Devil's is a MUST. Maybe best milkshake I've ever had.

      The ice cream at the Disney Fountain is from Dewars in Bakersfield. I am not too ashamed to admit that I have driven to Bakersfield for that ice cream, before I had a local source. I haven't had their milkshakes because the ice cream straight up is so perfect, but I'd imagine they aren't bad. As long as the kid working the milkshake machine knows what they are doing, I'm sure it's fine.

      1. re: annalulu

        I too have made that drive to Bakersfield just for Dewars Ice Cream. The milkshakes are good, but I agree that the ice cream is good just as it is. I also drive to Bakersfield for Sonic...they have really good milkshakes too!

        The fountain at the Disney Store is just O.K. The service is not great and the menu is pricey.

        The Ube shakes at The Oinkster in Eaglerock are amazing...they use Fosselman's ice cream. Also the Ube Shakes at Jollibee are good.

          1. re: Josh90004

            Holy cow!
            Tell me where it is!!!
            I've been dying for some SONIC since I tried 'e, while in their tater tots!!!

            1. re: tatertotsrock

              anaheim and bakersfield are your closest options, or... tehachapi. sorry.

              1. re: tatertotsrock

                Tell me more about Sonic, they opened an New One in Cathedral City and I saw the car hops a few weeks back and did not know of it. The website does not even show the location

                Sonic Drive In
                30777 Date Palm Dr, Cathedral City, CA 92234

                1. re: Foodandwine

                  The Burgers were good (yet not as good as the ones at Steak n' Shake...their shakes were really good) but it was all about the Tater Tots after a day of guiding kayak tours on one of the local lakes or rivers.
                  They get the tater tots perfectly crispy and the crisp lasts even on a 115 degree day in August with 100 percent humidity, when your car wondows are down because you've got no air conditioner.
                  I don't have any memories of their blizzards and other shake-type type things but I loved their slushie-type things.

                  1. re: tatertotsrock

                    I love the extra long cheese coneys (chili-cheese dogs!) The burgers are OK, the tots (with chili and cheese) ROCK!!! The "blizzard-like" items are called blasts and are very good. They also have a coffee drink called a javachiller that is shake-like and very good. There are 9 in Bakersfield, 1 in Fullerton, and 1 in Tehachapi. I love Sonic!!!

                    1. re: carriedushey

                      Thank you so much carridushey!
                      I know where I'll be "detour-ing" on my next road trip!
                      Must eat Tater Tots while driving to feel that great "on the open road" feeling I'd get while in MO.

                    1. re: Oh Robin

                      Sorry, I got a little excited there. I thought you meant Long Beach, CA.

                      1. re: Oh Robin

                        On the LA board, what else could that mean?

                        1. re: Diana

                          Exactly!!! But when I googled the sonic site it was Long Beach, MO. **tear**

              2. re: carriedushey

                "The fountain at the Disney Store is just O.K. The service is not great and the menu is pricey."

                carriedushey - Allow me a little constructive criticism of your writing- "Disney" and "pricey" is redundant.

              3. re: annalulu

                agree with lucky devils. rpasted pecan shake & the chocolate cake shake. sooo thick.

                milk's malted milk ball shake is pretty rad too.

              4. re: SauceSupreme

                Ok, everything at the Disney Soda Fountain sucks (I'm still mad at my husband for making me go there almost a year ago), but they do have one KILLER shake, I can't remember what it's called, but it's their signature so you can't miss it. It's banana, chocolate, vanilla and walnut.

              5. how did you predict this weeks Saturday Night Live? no contest- it would always be Fosselman's, anything peppermint or banana.., and, over the top, they obliged our request for a chocolate, banana, peppermint combo which just about did me in after one hit.

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                1. re: Local

                  I really did not know but I found it. Very funny and good to know that line was taken by others to mean "There will be Milkshakes."

                  I like Fosselman's also but I forgot about Connal's Burgers in Pasadena mentioned below by jillso .They offer a Boston style Milkshake topped with that scoop of ice cream. Very nice!

                  SNL video -- Milkshakes, "There will be Milkshakes for Old Men" (Food Network -- Porn for Fat People)

                  Connal's Burgers, Salads & Subs
                  1505 E. Washington Blvd.
                  Pasadena, CA 91104
                  (626) 794-5018
                  (North of the 210, West of Allen, East of Hill )

                2. What Oinkster's Ube Milkshake?


                  And sadly, Cafe 50's does great milkshakes, as does Mel's Diner.

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                  1. re: Emme

                    Ube is purple yam. In Asia it is cooked, sweetened and made into dessert. I fell in love with ube ice cream when I was in China. The ube shake at the Oinkster is super yummy. You can get boba in your ube shake at Jollibee.

                    1. re: carriedushey

                      ha, my post should have read "what *about*?" not "what" but it is super good.

                  2. Walking into Fosselman's once, I had a vision that the correct milkshake order would be cookies 'n cream (2 scoops) and espresso (1 scoop). A deep insight, as it turned out.

                    A different vision struck me recently on another planet (Strickland's in Irvine), where I had the following conversation: "I really like your turtle sundae. How about making one into a milkshake?"

                    The college kid behind the counter came very close to saying "tsk-tsk": "Can't do that, sir. You wouldn't be able to get the pecans through the straw. [PAUSE.] Wait a minute. I could put them in a little cup on the side!" (I swear to God.) It was delicious, and the pecans crunched beautifully against the creamy shake. By the way, if you don't know Strickland's, they make soft-serve ice cream. A little too sweet for me but the Platonic ideal for Dairy Queen.

                    Speaking of ideals in a troubled time, let's not forget the chocolate-cake milkshake at Portillo's in Buena Park -- get the larger size, and you'll be using the word "stupendous" in conversation the rest of the week -- or the saintly pleasures of plain chocolate or vanilla at the Fair Oaks Pharmacy in South Pas.

                    Finally, I don't know the shakes at Baker's Burgers, although their grunty, American-style, hard-shell, ground-beef tacos are worth having in a pinch, when Taco Bell is the alternative. But in the vicinity of JeetJet's recommended location near Ontario airport, it would be a shame to miss the milkshakes at Bert N Rocky's (mix any flavors, as long as they're chocolate-based) or Handel's (praline + praline + praline), both in Upland. BNR also has a location in little Claremont Village.

                    Fosselman's Ice Cream Co
                    1824 W Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801

                    Portillo's Hot Dogs
                    8390 La Palma Ave, Buena Park, CA 90620

                    Handel's Homemade Ice Cream
                    373 S Mountain Ave, Upland, CA 91786

                    4523 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA

                    Fair Oaks Pharmacy & Soda Fountain
                    1526 Mission St South, Pasadena, CA 91030

                    Bert & Rocky's Cream Co
                    360 W Foothill Blvd, Upland, CA 91786

                    Bert & Rocky's Cream Co
                    242 Yale Ave, Claremont, CA 91711

                    1. i hardy ever get milkshakes when i'm out, but when i get the craving jack in the box has one amazing oreo shake...sooo many oreo bits i swear i drink it in like 2 minutes. it's really hard for me to just drive by and keep going. on another note, has anyone tried them at the 101 coffeeshop on franklin? they have a black & white w/ a shot of espresso on the menu that sounds reeeeealy good; i'm curious to taste it. in-n-out's black & whites arent bad either, and they are CHEAP (i like em on the thick side tho)!