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Mar 21, 2008 09:28 PM

Boathouse Wedding Food

Has anyone been to a wedding at the Central Park Boathouse? The chef for the wedding venue is supposed to be different from the restaurant. Any reviews of wedding food would be much appreciated.
Nyum, new to Chowhound.

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  1. Welcome to Chowhound, Nyum!

    I was married at the Boathouse in 2004. Some of the food (mostly what was passed during the cocktail hour) was fine, the rest was mediocre at best -- some ridiculously bad. We opted for the buffet rather than a sit down service. I'm Chinese American, my husband Irish American. Because the BH offers a carving station as part of the buffet, 2 of the selections they offer is corned beef and Peking duck. What better way to reflect the two cultures coming together? The corned beef was acceptable. I don't know what the duck selection was supposed to be. It was chunks of some meat that was served from a frying pan. They had no business calling it Peking duck. And I really don't know what carving was required at the table. It looked like leftovers sauteed in a pan. I was horrified. Even my brother referred to it as "Moo shu duck" during the toast. We had a pre-tasting, but the carving selections were not available for tasting. Really, it was ghastly.

    I'd say the hors d'oeuvres, the pasta selections, and the vegetables were the best among what was available.

    It was also not possible to opt out of the dessert selections in lieu of having our wedding cake. That made it hard to muster paying for an elaborate wedding cake when you were obligated to pay for these other desserts.

    Overall, our guests seemed happy enough even though the food fell short of our expectations and considering the amount you're spending -- the food fell WAY short. The service was professional and courteous. The management we dealt with, truly unfortunately, was horrific. If you'd like my perspective of planning a wedding at the Boathouse, I'd be happy to share it with you away from Chowhound.

    Congratulations to you, Amy

    1. Uh-ho. Thanks for the information! The Boathouse is a top contender! for it's location.
      We were considering hor d'ouvres, perhaps a cheese station, if any, and for entrees:
      a fish (Chilean sea bass, halibut or striped bass) and fillet mignon. Do you remember the name of the chef back then?

      I'd love your perspective re: wedding planning at the Boathouse! Thanks so much for offering. Please tell me, since I am new, how we can discuss this off-Chowhound.
      Best, Nyum

      1. I also looked at the Boathouse and loved the setting, so I went there for Brunch to try the food. It was very mediocre. It was disappointing considering how beautiful the setting is and the what they charge.

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          Yes, looking back on the food, I don't remember any food that knocked my white satin pumps off. The Peking duck was bad enough that I will remember it forever. The rest of the food wasn't bad -- it just wasn't great. I agree with Feaster18, it's a shame that the food isn't on par with the setting and the cost.

          We had the most glorious June day/evening that Mother Nature could provide and that helped balance things out... almost. I would be happy to share the broader experience of staging a Boathouse wedding that probably wouldn't be of much interest to Chowhounds. Don't know how else to do that other than to give you an email address. Look forward to hearing from you.

          1. re: amyleechen

            Have either of your heard about the Brooklyn Boathouse food?

        2. I attended a wedding at the Boathouse a few years ago and while the atmosphere was amazing on summer's evening, the food was fair. The cocktail hour was probably the best but the rest of the food left much to be desired. Rubbery and over cooked chicken and meat that was dry. I went back to the Boathouse for a corporate event last summer and the food was bad, in fact, I got violently ill afterwards as did a couple of others unfortunately. But when you pick the Boathouse it is for the location/scenery, not the food.