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Mar 21, 2008 09:20 PM

Shanghai Tea House: new in Glover Park

So there's a new Chinese snack/tea place in Glover Park under Heritage India. They are serious about bubble tea, and it's actually pretty good! I had green tea and they used real tea and not powder mix. The tapioca was definitely better than what's available at Teaism and Snap Crepe, although it is similar to Panda Cafe quality.
I spoke to the owner a bit and he said that he used to own a bubble tea place in Rockville in the mall.
I am very excited about this place. They also serve home-made dumplings they make to order, some noodles and other snacky items, sushi, all under $10. I didn't try any of the food yet but it looks promising. It's also a cool environment, with Chinese music playing and apparently free wifi. A welcome addition to the neighborhood!

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