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Best Cheese Shops?

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Hi. I am looking for the best cheese shops in Manhattan/ Westchester. I know Murrays...would love to learn of some more.

I am just back from week in Val d'Isere and was enraptured by the cheeses there.. Delicious cheese course every night at hotel. The cheeses here by the same names taste different, I am told, because of US food requirements of pasturization. I would love to find a good Beaufort here. Any suggestions? Thanks so much. Nyum.

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  1. I like Ideal Cheese on 1st Ave around 52nd st.

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      I'm also a big fan of Ideal - and they tend not to be crazy busy the way Murray's can get, and have time to talk to you, etc. I do like Murray's though, and enjoyed a recent trip to Saxelby's (US cheese though) in the Essex Market.

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        Another frequent customer of Ideal Cheese here.

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          I've not been in a bit - but have you had their Bleu de Gex? It's just amazing with some toasted hazelnuts.

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            I've not had it. I was just there this morning for some Basque cheese. I will look out for it when I return. Thanks.

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          Totally agree with Artisanal. The Murray's on Bleecker is good, but I really don't like the one at Grand Central Terminal.

        2. Third Avenue Cheese, on, you guessed, 3rd Ave around 10th St.

          1. I like Murrays, 3rd Ave Cheese, and Citarella on 6th and 11th. I was suprised Citarella had great cheese that wasn't pricey.

            1. I spent new years in Val Thorens and was blown away by the cheese course I had with pretty much every meal, from the Michelin star restaurant on down to the modest hotel where we stayed. You're right in that it's a pasteurization issue - I have never been able to find comparable cheeses in NYC. It's as if none of them are "raw" enough. Happily a few managed to find their way into my suitcase coming home, but those are sadly long gone. Here in the city I usually hit up Murrays and/or Artisanal.

                1. go to formaggio essex at the essex street market. better yet, go on the formaggio kitchen web site and pick what you want and see if they'll send it from the cambridge, ma store (where they cave-age everything themselves after their buying trips abroad). recently I bought a langiole (sp?) there that was amazing. tried the same type of cheese at whole foods and spit it out - ick.

                  I moved to new york 5 months ago and still have not checked out ideal nor artisanal, but I can say that I have been hugely disappointed with all the cheese shops here. not a lot of soft cheeses in stock which is a bummer.

                  murrays is highly overrated IMHO.