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Mar 21, 2008 07:59 PM

Seattle.... pre-packaged onigiri

Hi, my latest food quest it to try pre-packaged onigiri. Not nice onigiri from a sushi place. Not chinese glutinous rice balls wrapped in banana leaves. A machine made, combini style triangular onigiri with a high-tech plastic wrapper. What can I say, sometimes I like to try very ordinary foods to reset my standards. I've only really looked at Uwajimaya a couple times and didn't find any. Maybe they were out that day (both times were Saturday afternoon). Actually, I also looked at 99 Ranch grocery store in Edmonds, and a couple of the larger neighborhood grocery stores in the ID, no luck. Maybe somewhere at The Great Wall?

I'm from out of town, so I'd prefer an actual sighting so I don't get lost.


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  1. I can tell you for sure there are none at the Great Wall.

    You'll have to resort to take-out from a sushi place (Maneki and Musashi have them, if I remember correctly), which you have stated you cannot do.

    1. There's definitely onigiri at Maruta Shoten in Georgetown. Not sure if it's machine made or hand made (which I think are better).

      1. I know what you're talking about. When I'm in Japan I always buy those from the conbini on every corner. My favorite is the tuna with mayonnaise.

        Never seen them in Seattle. Too bad.

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        1. re: JackNH

          JackNH understands. I'm not really asking where to find sushi. I have this guilty pleasure in eating food oddities and fast food from different cultures. The pre-packaged onigiri is the equivalent of a hot dog from 7-Eleven. I know it sounds crazy, but I like to try things like this to get an idea of the full range of food from a particular culture.

          I actually came across a photo of one in someone's food blog archive. It was posted in someone's comment, so I couldn't ask about it. I could clearly see the name Uwajimaya printed on the grocery store type label. I'll just try again there, or go to Japan.

          1. re: tralfaz

            Uwajimaya definitely has pre-packaged onigiri - it's on the top shelf at one end of the pre-packaged sushi aisle on the back side of the deli area. Usually ume and salmon; I think I've seen tuna before but I suspect it goes fast.

            1. re: terrier

              I concur with terrier. Uwajimaya has them, but they can run out pretty quickly, especially by Saturday afternoon. Try to get there around 11 AM. They sell a triangular onigiri, wrapped in nori with umeboshi in the middle. These are wrapped individually in cellophane. They also make two kinds of pretty good onigiri (2-packs), also triangular, draped in nori along the triangular edges: one is sprinkled on the two faces with a nori furikake and the other (which I prefer) sprinkled with an umeboshi furikake. I get these whenever I want a quick bite. I doubt whether you'll get anything close to the variety of what you can get at conbini.

              1. re: chazuke

                Thanks terrier and chazuke. I'll make sure to get there early.