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Mar 21, 2008 07:39 PM

Hollywood restaurants - just moved (Chinese?)

I recently moved to 90046 (near Santa Monica Blvd and La Brea) and would love some restaurant recommendations from fellow Chowhounds. There seems to be a dearth of good Chinese around here and my searches on Chowhound haven't yielded any results. I'm hoping I just missed something.

I've found good deli, Indian, and pizza, but would love some more recommendations. Where do you get takeout and feed your face in the 90046, Chowhounds? Thanks!

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  1. I just went to Genghis Cohen in West Hollwood (on Fairfax, near Melrose) tonight for the first time. I'm sure others will disagree -- but I really enjoyed it, especially the NY Egg Rolls (being that I grew up in NY and this is the first place that has come close to NY-style egg rolls). It's probably not very authentic tho...

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      I'll have to give them a shot - I grew up with NY style Chinese. I just wish GC delivered without the use of a carrier service. In my experience, those delivery services usually get the food to you well past the point of being edible.

    2. Kung Pao Bistro in the same center with Whole Foods at Santa Monica & Fairfax and Genghis Cohen are the only two chinese restaurants worth the conversation in that immediate area.
      Kung Pao is less New York style than Genghis Cohen, yet has some very good soups, seafood, lamb, pork and chicken dishes. Not in love with the appetizers but the mushu is good enough if that is your thing. The shrimp and scallops they use are large and plentiful, and in some instances, half orders are available, depending on the item. They do deliver. 323.848.9888, although I truly recommend you always either eat in the restaurant or pick it up yourself. If delivered, it may have been cooked 30 or so minutes earlier as your order may be #3 on the delivery route, and in their quality delivery containers, the food continues to cook - translation - pick it up yourself.

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        Thanks very much for your posts, guys. Are there any restaurants that you do recommend for delivery besides Chinese? So far Canter's and Gate of India is all I've found besides pizza.

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          In 90046 we're blessed with Pace, which has excellent Italian food (including pizza). I've had only good experiences with their delivery service (though I live only 1/2 mile away). For deli, I prefer Greenblatt's to Canter's, though I've never tried them for delivery.

          I second other readers recommendations for Kung Pao and Genghis Cohen.

          2100 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046

          Greenblatt's Delicatessen
          8017 Sunset Blvd, los angeles, CA 90046

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            I thought I knew all the good delis. I'll have to try this, thanks!

      2. One poster (Barbara Ladden) previously recommended this specific place and dish: "Wonton or Egg Noodle Soup" at Red Corner Asia, 5267 Hollywood Blvd. and Normandie. She notes that she gets it with both the wonton and the egg noodles. This is a Thai place that has good Chinese style soup.

        Le Mandarette (not sure if they deliver but don't think so)
        1651 3/4 N La Brea Ave - Btwn Hollywood Blvd & Marshfield Way
        Los Angeles, CA 90028
        323 878-0333

        and (and they do deliver)

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          Thanks for the great suggestions, Servorg. I'll definitely try Mao's - it looks great.

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            I used to order from Le Mandarette alot when I lived aound La Brea and S.M.
            It was the best this ex-NYer found to bring back memories of the First Woks and Empire Szechuans of my youth.

          2. If you want americanized healthier or possibly healthy, try Mao's on Melrose.

            1. Bossa Nova has a pretty wide deliver region. Also, Natalee Thai (on Robertson) delivered to me back when I lived over in the Palazzo.

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                Thanks for the recommendation for Bossa Nova. We ate there last night and had a very good, inexpensive meal. This thread is fantastic. Anyone else have recommendations?

                We had breakfast at The Griddle Cafe over the weekend and I loved the pancakes with espresso and chocolate chips in the batter. Their coffee was fantastic, too. Among the best I've had in a restaurant, actually.

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                  Here is a previous thread that you will want to comb through for likely recommendations: