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Mar 21, 2008 06:44 PM

expeller pressed coconut oil

Looking for a source of expeller pressed coconut oil in the Lakewood, Long Beach area. I am transportation challenged so I would like to find something close to the Lakewood mall because I must use public transportation.

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  1. is where we get ours... they often have "deals" on the stuff and other tropical items as well as some meat and poultry as well...

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    1. re: bulavinaka

      Thanks for the suggestion bulavinaka, I knew about the online sources but was hoping to find a local source.

    2. Just reviving this post to see if any one has a local source for this product

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      1. re: ozbuc

        Wholefoods has expeller pressed coconut as well as palm oil.

        1. re: poggibonzzi

          Correct. They carry a line of oils from a company called Spectrum. I've found all the oils I've used by them to be excellent.

        2. re: ozbuc

          I know it is nearly a year later, but I am new to this site and did not see this before. If you haven't already found a local source, have you tried Trader Joe's? I think I saw some there, though I haven't looked lately. I mostly use the unpressed stuff, unless I am making something for my husband, who doesn't like the flavor. But I have seen Spectrum coconut oil in many regular grocery stores, so you might also try Von's, Stater Bros., Pavillions, and Albertson's, if you haven't tried already. As the word gets out that this stuff is actually good for you, more and more places are selling it, so perhaps by now you've found it. Hope so.

          1. re: mrhcihocki

            Thanks for the reply, I have found a good local source at Henry's markets.

        3. Would Bristol Farms have it too? They might be a little closer/easier to get to on the bus.

          You could give them a call.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions I will check them all out.