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Mar 21, 2008 06:19 PM


What is your favorite 30/30 offering? I have been to quite a few and seeing great values on some really nice restaurants.

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  1. I was really pleased with Barking Frog in Woodinville. Had the papaya/dungeness crab salad which had a healthy serving of crab. The sea bass was fantastic and i also loved the german chocolate cake dessert. The service was attentive and i didn't feel rushed at all. My only complaint is that their wine by the glass offerings were pricey. I don't mind seeing $15+ glasses on the menu, but there wasn't much less than that (at least in reds).

    1. Third Floor Fish in Kirkland is very good if you like seafood. Entree and salad choices are always interesting and the fish is prepared to a T.

      Unlike stolenchange, I've found Barking Frog to be a huge disappointment with the 30 for $30 (previously 25 for $25). Boring, tasteless food both times I tried it for the special offer.