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Mar 21, 2008 05:37 PM

Pound Cake pan, or MSLiving March cake

If you've seen the MSLiving March issue, she has a beautiful orange-syrup cake with edible flowers on page 40--but I don't like orange. So I decided to try a Lavender Pound Cake with Lavender-Rosewater Frosting for Easter instead...but I like the presentation of her cake.

Can I cook a pound cake in a deep decorative pan? I've never tried. I feel like it won't cook all the way or be too dry. How about a bundt? Or, alternatively, has anyone tried her orange cake that can recommend it? I could always just use that recipe and replace the orange flavorings with my lavender, etc... Thoughts?

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  1. Hi Thursday. Yes, I almost always make my pound cakes in a bundt pan. One has decorative ridges and the other is plain. I have also made my pound cakes in mini-bundt pans (also with decorative ridges), so I think that a traditional pound cake recipe is very adaptable to whatever pan you wish to use. You might also go to the Southern Living magazine website and search their recipes for pound cakes. I have made many versions from SL over the years.

    On another note, I do have a recipe for orange cake that might change your mind on the subject of orange cakes. This cake is absolutely divine...