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Mar 21, 2008 05:27 PM

La Grande Orange Cafe in Pasadena

Has anyone tried the newly opened La Grande Orange Cafe at the Gold Line Del Mar Station in Pasadena? I noticed it opened last week but haven't been able to find any reviews as of yet.

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  1. i saw a review in the la times...the weekend calendar section. looks interesting...

    1. My brother just got a job there. I will try it out soon and report back.

      1. I gave it a try last night...loved it. First of all, the atmosphere was great. They did a beautiful job refurbishing the old train station. The place felt classy yet casual and unpretentious. Even though the LGO group are from Phoenix, the place feels as if it represents Pasadena quite well.

        The food was delicious! My husband had the pan fried chicken which came with mashed potatoes, green beans, and surprisingly - a yummy cinnamon roll. I had the Vegetarian Tacos which were soooo goood. It had butternut squash inside. I didn't miss meat at all. I heard they use organic and local products. The food felt fresh, clean, and well presented. I attribute this awesome experience to the fact that they just opened, and it seems like everyone is putting their best foot forward. I hope they stay awesome and don't go the way of Cheesecake Factory or some other sloppy chain.

        The prices were reasonable and there is free parking in the garage with validation.

        Try it now before everyone else finds out about it.

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          Thanks for the review hrock. Was the chicken your husband ordered on the bone or boneless? Any other interesting items on the menu that you might try next time you go?

          1. re: Hollikins

            The Chicken was boneless. And Yes, everything sounded tasty. I also remember seeing Salads, Burgers, Fish, Tacos, and other delicious appetizers. They also have another place called Radio Milano next door, which I believe is a more casual Bar type atmosphere that also serves food.

          2. re: hrock

            I'm excited to hear there's an LGO in Southern California. We were regulars in Phoenix. We'll have to get there soon!

          3. I agree with the positive feedback on La Grande Orange Cafe. We had dinner there Friday. The atmosphere is great. Service was even better. Friendly and professional. We sat in the patio near the outdoor fireplace. I highly recommend it. The filet mignon was excellent, although medium was more medium rare.

            1. If it's anything like La Grande Orange in Phoenix, it is a MUST DO. The pizza is the best I've had (not counting New York pizza, but this stuff is totally different). We waited over an hour but it was a worthwhile investment.