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Mar 21, 2008 05:15 PM

"Chinese" Chicken Salad

I make this salad regularly for dinner and always wondered how it came to be. In our Cookbooks of the Month from Fuchsia Dunlop, there is no recipe or mention of this. I have always thought that it was invented in the U.S. by an enterprising chef who decided to take an American salad and make it "Chinese".

Mine consists of chopped iceburg lettuce, lots of chopped scallions, chunks of soy sauce chicken purchased from my local Chinese bbq place, and toasted sesame seeds. This is mixed with a big bowlful of deep-fried rice sticks and tossed with a dressing made of soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, and chopped red candied ginger.

I'm making it tonight and suddenly wondered where it came from.

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  1. It's a (great, IMO) California creation. I've never found it anywhere else.

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      My college roommate (who was from Beverly Hills) introduced me to Chinese chicken salad (this was over *yikes* 20 years ago).

      She LOVED the one at Chin Chin, and although I have no idea if it started here, the menu says "our famouse chinese chicken salad".

    2. There are some who say it was Cecelia Chiang, founder of The Mandarin restaurant around 1961 in San Francisco who originated the dish to appeal to Western customers although her cuisine was Northern Chinese. Wickipedia talks about 1980's and Wolfgang Puck but it way predates him.

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        Yeah, I think I was making it in the mid-70s.

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          In Cecelia Chiang's cookbook "The Seventh Daughter", she offers her recipe and describes how she created the recipe to use up excess lettuce in her restaurant's kitchen....

        2. Mine doesn't have the candied ginger in the dressing, and we sprinkle slivered almond on top.

          My Mum got the recipe from a Scandinavian friend of hers who called it Japanese chicken salad LOL

          1. I just had this last night at a dinner party at my sister's boyfriends place and it was fantastic. I actually had dreams about it, it was that good.
            This version was a combo of shredded iceberg and red cabbage, chopped cilantro and scallions and chicken breast gently poached then shredded.
            The dressing was soy, rice vinegar, dark and regular sesame oil and sugar, IIRC.
            We also toasted lots of white sesame seeds to sprinkle over the dressed chicken and salad, along with some chopped peanuts.
            With the saifun noodles it was devine! So yummy I ate twice as much as usual and didn't really feel bad about it either, it seems relatively healthy!
            Next time I make it myself I will probably sub-in brown rice or bulger for the fried noodles but that's just so I can eat it ALL THE TIME!!!

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              That sounds good. SOunds like something I'll have in the fridge all summer in fact LOL

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                Healthy except for the salt factor.

                I really love the chopped preserved red ginger in the dressing. I made it with cilantro tonight but decided I like it better without. A friend said her uncle taught her the recipe and always put in cilantro.

              2. My "Japanese" dressing for the "Chinese" salad: in a small jar, mix oil, vinegar, toasted and ground sesame seeds, salt, some sugar, black pepper, and finely chopped scallion or green onion (the green part included).