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Mar 21, 2008 05:13 PM

Rhubarb yet?

I know it's a little early for local, but has anyone seen any rhubarb yet?

Considering it probably has to come from farther away, quality and not being banged-up is top priority, but close to Boston proper would help (though I do have a car, so don't rule out the suburbs if their rhubarb looks great.)

And if you know of any that's local-er (say, Pennsylvania rather than Oregon), that'd be the best.


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  1. Rhubarb starts in April (later locally) though it can be forced. Haven't seen it yet anywhere.

    1. Reminds me that I have some cooked rhubarb from last summer in the freezer, sounds like breakfast!

      1. Russos should be carrying it now, but it will be from Oregon Fields.

        1. FWIW, I made notes when an article on rhubarb appeared in one of Martha Stewart's publications: it is best from December thru March, when it is forced. It is pink and milder. Red and green rhubarb are from different varieties - choose stalks based on freshness, not color. Best pie I ever ate was at a place called something like the Logsider, in Leeds, NY. Made on the premises, the chalkboard menu said strawberry-rhubarb. From the pale color, I relized it wasn't, but it was terrific, so I asked the owner, who said she had cooked down some oranges and put them in with the raw rhubarb but don't know details, or whether the rhubabr was cooked before going into the pie shell. It was also a wonderful, rich, flaky crust. Wish I could duplicate it!

          1. I did find some at Russo's and also at Formaggio Kitchen, in case I piqued anyone else's interests.. (FK's looked better and had more in stock.)

            Now I just have to decide what to do with it for tomorrow!

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              It's great for breakfast, with some sugar, and I also like it as a condiment with duck.