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Mar 21, 2008 05:02 PM

Any commercial Demi-Glace worth buying?

I'm out and pot-watching is out for the next month.

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  1. Try Williams-Sonoma. I have use their demi and their turkey gravy at home. Everyone will be fooled thinking it's yours.

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      Second the W-S beef demi- it puts our beef stews over the top.

    2. - great products - I keep veal and chicken in my freezer all the time. I just had trouble getting on their website to get the link - also you can order smaller amounts from lobels in new york, but it will probably be cheaper to order a whole case direct than one piece from lobels! The lobster is amazing too, but only comes in a 5lb tub - so not really practical for home use.

      1. I use an awesome Demi-Glace called "More than Gourmet Jus lie Poulet de Gold". I acutally found it Walmart (gasp) in the soup section. I doctor it up with baby bellas, stock, and madeira wine. It unbelievably delicious! One packet costs about $3 and is enough for about 3-4 normal people, or just 2 sauce fanatics!

        I have also used William Sonoma gravy base, it's our thanksgiving standby. This also needs pan juices and some tweaking.

        I truly prefer the former, and it is definitely restaurant quality!

        1. If you live near a large Japanese grocery, they will likely have great demiglace. My favorite is Chef Troy's which comes in a little jar.


          1. I used to do food trade shows for my job. There was a company that sold veal demi glace to restaurants. It was packed in a gold aseptic bag. I think they were associated with a veal processing plant so they had the bones readily available. I took some home and it was excellent. They may have been located in Colorado but I'm not sure. Does this ring a bell with anyone?