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Spring - when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of Jelly Beans (not Jelly Bellies!)

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Back in the day, Neiman-Marcus sold the best jelly beans. Two pounds-worth in a clear plastic tube. No black licorice, either.

Does anyone know where I can find some good, regular old jelly beans. Not the 57 flavors of Jelly Bellies. Not the giant beans sold in pouches at drug stores.


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  1. Fosselman's ice cream also sells gourmet candy. I am sure they have what you are not looking for (Jelly Belly) but I think they also have the traditional size/style jelly beans. Maybe call and ask.

    Fosselman's Ice Cream
    1824 W. Main St.
    Alhambra, CA 91801

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      Fosselman's is a no go, but Economy Candy will mial them. Click on the link below, on "Bulk Candy,"and then "Jellybeans."

      Economy Candy -- mail order

    2. How about Bristol Farms? I always see them with their specialty candies out for the holidays. Usually made from gourmet companies that aren't mainstream. They always have big holiday displays, but I'm not a jellybean person so I didn't look for them.

      1. See's Candy has real old school jelly beans.

        1. There's a whole Jelly Bean store on Hollywood Way in Burbank, but I don't know much about their selection.

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            This store is called the Jelly Bean Factory and they only sell Jelly Belly jelly beans

          2. I would love to know this, too. My favorite spot for this was Stroh's on Abbot Kinney, but they don't carry them anymore. I love a good jelly bean.

            1. I like the Russel Stover Pectin jelly beans, Rite Aid has them.

              See's Jelly Beans are good too, or even Brach's

              1. Are you looking for fruity flavors or the traditional spice mix (sans licorice)?