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Mar 21, 2008 04:15 PM

HELP! tasting menu problems (Las Vegas)

Boyfriend and I are heading to Vegas for our second annual after tax season foodie trip. Unfortunately we are having a tad bit of a problem pinning down our big night. Last year we were lucky enough to experience The Mansion... it was perfect, amazing, orgasmic... I could go on and on. We also went to Nob Hill and CraftSteak. This year the plan was to go to Alex, but alas, they have a private event the night we are open (a tuesday). Every other night of the trip we have a show that starts at either 7 or 8 so a long tasting menu is not ideal. My next thought was Guy Savoy, yet they are closed on Tuesdays.

Our other nights we are planning on going to Daniel Boulud, B&B, and probably N9NE (but I am still deciding on the steak house.

Another small twist. Last year we stayed at the Four Seasons, this year we are at the Wynn. We are planning to go back to the Four Seasons next year so want to stay away from restaurants at MGM or Mandalay Bay, since we can hit those next year.

Yes I know it is a particular request! Any Suggestions CHers?

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  1. Is Cut (at the Palazzo) open yet? Don't think I've read anything here yet, and when we checked out the Palazzo a month ago Cut wasn't open. Cut certainly gets very high marks here in L.A. Of course it is a steakhouse and you might not want two steakhouses, though I'm guessing based on what I've read and heard from friends about Cut here, and on the basis of several meals that I've had at N9NE, that the two are nothing alike. I'm a fan of N9NE but the food is probably better at Craftsteak but N9NE is super fun and the food is definitely good enough. Before last summer I would've suggested that you do the tasting menu at Bartolotta (at the Wynn) but we didn't have a great experience on our last visit there - last summer, and we didn't do the tasting menu - but maybe others here still like it. BTW my husband is a CPA and we too are going to Vegas for our annual after tax season trip - we arrive on April 16th which is not a second too soon if today is any indication.

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      Debbie I feel your pain! April 15th can not come any faster for me (although judging by my boyfriends stacks I think he could use an extra week!)

      Hope your trip goes well, thanks for the advice.

    2. Give Picasso a try for your Tuesday night dinner if you've never been. They do great things there and it's a beautiful room to boot.

      Another option, since you are staying at Wynn, is Tableau. That place doesn't seem to get the recognition it deserves. I think it's because nobody really knows about it because it's really hard to find. But once you get there - wow! Fantastic food and service. It's not the multi course extravaganza that maybe you were hoping for but they do great things nonetheless ... and another beautiful room.