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Mar 21, 2008 04:13 PM

The hall at palihouse

Has anyone been to this new French Bistro??

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  1. Yes, I have been twice, and I highly recommend the place. There are several posts where the Hall at Palihouse is the subject, with a post I wrote included in this one:

    At to the top of this page is the LOS ANGELES AREA followed by Search this board - do just that with the words "hall at Palihouse", and more threads will also show up.

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      Thanks, that was a big help, will try it soon. Sounds like my kind of place.

    2. I visited Saturday morning with a friend for brunch. Extremely friendly and obliging staff, very nice, laid-back feel. The lobby that opens onto the courtyard is nicely designed but not overdesigned, like The Standard or the Mondrian. There was almost no one in the place until after noon. The brunch food wasn't groundbreaking but definitely solid. I had the French toast, which was rich and slightly custardy but firm. The lemon zest-spiked ricotta was only sufficient for one of the thick slices of what appeared to be challah or the like, but it came with warm maple syrup, too, so I wasn't disappointed. At $11, it was a good deal. I tried my friend's boudin noir, and it was quite good. Their croissants won't beat Breadbar's, but they're on a par with Boule's, and the lattes are good. The Bellinis are made with real white peach purée, too. I'd happily visit again, and I hope the upcoming editions in Hollywood and Venice have such good restaurants.