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Mar 21, 2008 03:51 PM

Terroni in WeHo -- Opinions?

Anyone been to Terroni in WeHo (Beverly Blvd near the Grove)? If so, please let me know your view of the place and any dishes you'd recommend.

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  1. As someone pointed out in a recent review on the board, the pizzas and pastas are pretty good, the desserts are not. Salads are fine. The atmosphere is fun. Not really a destination place for the food alone, but a good choice when you're in the neighborhood and want someplace lively and not horribly expensive.

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      The pasta is quite good, and if you been to Italy and miss the roman style pizza (meaning extremely thin crust) and cutting the pizza with a knife you should go there.

      Not a destination place like a Michelin 1 star, but then having gone to P. Mozza twice I don't think that's a destination place either.

      It's pretty close to the Farmer's Market/Grove area.