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Mar 21, 2008 03:24 PM

Westbury Music Fair-Need Casual Dining Info

Will be going to the Frankie Valli concert next weekend at Westbury and are not at all familiar with restaurants within a 20 minute drive. Looking for casual/inexpensive--anything but Chinese/Japanese. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Laguna Grill on Old Country Rd in Westbury, Mama Theresa's, also on Old Country Rd in Westbury. 20 minutes to Westubry Music Fair can take you loads of places. Any preference as far as food type? What kind of places do you like? There's also Don Juan, again on OC Rd. There are 2 Ahyan's shish kabobs within 20 minutes. There is also Bistro Cassis, I think, on S Oyster Bay Rd in Plainview.

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    1. re: robinsilver

      Mexican is fine-what is Laguna Grill? Thanks!

      1. re: kernel

        Laguna Grill has 2 locations, one on Jericho Turnpike in Woodbury, the other on Old Country Rd in Westbury, right off the corner of Merrick Ave. To get to the music fair you would go further east on OC Rd, hop on the Wantagh north, Exit onto the Northern State east but dont get on the NS, just bear to your right all the way around until you make the right onto Brush Hollow Rd. north. Take that about 1/4 mile to the music fair on your right.
        Laguna Grill has salads, sandwiches and latin inspired dishes. They give you chips with salsa on the table. Don Juan is a bit further west on OC Rd, and is more classic Mexican, American style.

        1. re: robinsilver

          I'm 'eavesdropping' on your reccs to kernal as I too, am going to a concert at Westbury Music Fair (Which is now called something totally different)
          Thanks for the great directions. Do you happen to know if Peter Luger's LI location is anywhere near there?

          1. re: Tay


            Peter Luger's is located in Great Neck 10 miles to the west of the MF, nearly in Queens. I would not suggest trying to go to both in the same night traffic can make the trip a nightmare..

            1. re: engarcon

              Not sure if I would call the traffic a nightmare, as long as you know how to go, but not necessarily convenient. I live about 10 minutes west of the music fair, so if you want recomendations, Tay, let me know what kind of restaurant you want. Peter Luger's (which is not my favorite place), is the furthest west of the steak houses on Long Island's version of what is sometimes called cardiac row. The furthest east, and probably 15-20 minutes from Westbury is Bryant & Cooper, right off Northern Blvd. in Roslyn. If you want steak that is not as good quality, but is better than Outback, you can go to Frank's, which is on Jericho Turnpike, about 5 minutes from the music fair. Their Roumanian tenderloin is quite good.

              1. re: robinsilver

                engarcon and robin
                Thank you both for the courtesy of responding. I admit I am not at all familiar with the. "Island of Long" except for Oyster Bay.
                I'd really prefer a casual Asian or "American" (Whtever that means :-}) type of plac, but not a Diner.. The total dining experience is very important to me. Great food eaten in a stressful environment is not enjoyable and we want to be able to talk to our friends as we won't be able to do that for much of the evening, so odd as it may seem, I'd take a mediocre resraurant with good acoustics calm service and comfortable lighting over a top rated loud, harshly lit place where conversation consists of lip reading.and you're basically just...Eating. We are fortunate in that cost is not a factor, and we don't care about alcohol, but we will be casually (but not ripped jeans and Tee's) dressed.
                If either or both of you have any thoughts, I'd be very appreciative :-}
                Thanks much.

                1. re: robinsilver

                  'Long Island's version of what is sometimes called cardiac row.'

                  I just reread your ! Toooo funny!

                  1. re: robinsilver

                    But hey, "cardiac row" is a hop and a skip from both St. Francis and North Shore, and only a drop further from LIJ!

                    1. re: robinsilver

                      I went to Frank's earlier this year with some friends who swear by it. The Roumanian tenderloin was quite good, as was the french onion soup, but the sides (mashed potatoes and creamed spinach) didn't have much flavor.

                      1. re: Shayna Madel

                        That wasn't the point of that suggestion. It has to do with its proximity to the music fair.

                        1. re: robinsilver

                          Perhaps I was confused.  In addition to proximity of various restaurants to the Music Fair, your post mentioned that the Romanian tenderloin at Frank's was good. I took that to mean that you were recommending the restaurant based on not only location, but the food as well and thought it appropriate to pass along another opinion.

                    2. re: engarcon

                      I thnk you made a good point. I only thought of PL's b/c my friends and other 'hounds have mentioned the LI PL's is a nicer experience than the one in B'klyn. I'll leave that for another time. Robin is right as well. If it's not coveniently close, why have a heavy, sleep producing meal and then go to a mellow concert?We'd all probably nod off ! lol!

                      1. re: Tay

                        Not too far from Westbury, off Jericho Turnpike also, is Coolfish, which is a Tom Schaudel restaurant, who I would say is one of Long Island's best chefs. It is buried in an office park, but the New American cuisine is great. One of my favorites. None of the restaurants on Long Island really call for anything more than smart casual. If you go before the show, it won't be crowded, so shouldn't be very loud at all. There is also West End Cafe, which is on Glen Cove Road in Carle Place. Also American, and I would say less than 15 minutes from Westbury. There are a few better than decent Italian in Westbury on Post Ave, if you prefer that. Benny's or Galleria. There are very few restaurants around that I haven't been to, so if you have any other thoughts, I could probably let you know. There aren't really any good dine in Chinese. If you like sushi, we like Hokkaido on Willis Ave. in Roslyn Heights, also about 15 minutes away. By the way, I think the service you get at Luger's in GN is just as obnoxious as what you get in Brooklyn. Granted, haven't been to either in a while, but maybe that is why I never went back.

                        1. re: robinsilver

                          Thanks so much. You have given me lots of great choices.
                          I''ll talk it over with my friends and see what everyone thinks.
                          You've been great! :-}}

                    3. re: Tay

                      If you are hunkering for steak, Frank's Steak is so close to Westbury Music Fair you can almost walk it.

                      1. re: synergy

                        Thanks. I believe that was also mentioned by robin in an earlier post. I'm not a major Carnivore, but I'll toss it into the pot :-}

                        1. re: Tay

                          I'm not a cornivore either while my spouse is :-) Frank's does offer a lot of fish on their menu too, not just the obligatory salmon.

              2. Kernel and Tay: L.L. Dent is a really terrific place. The food is good,service is perfect and decor is simple but attractive. The chef is always present doing the cooking with her mom running the front of the house. They serve nice versions of the soul food classics as well as "modern american fare". I have had many fine meals there and you will be able to converse with your friends with no difficulty. It is very close to Westbury/ Northfork Theatre.


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                1. re: stuartlafonda

                  Thank you for reminding me that it's now North Fork. I keeep forgetting!
                  LLDent's looks wonderful, as do a number of Robin and r Missyme's,recc, below. Now I feel like skipping the stooopid concert and just doing a marathon restaurant tour :-} I'll have to acquire some friends on Long Island, lol! I'm letting my friends choose...

                2. My recommendation is Pollos el Paisa, a Colombian restaurant on Old Country Road just west of Wantagh Parkway--very close to the Music Fair. They have the best rotisserie chicken, though all their dishes are great. Nice service, very friendly and accomodating, very reasonable prices. It does get a little crazy at dinnertime, but if you're there by 6 (if the show is at 8, that timing should be good) there shouldn't be any problems.

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                  1. re: Missyme

                    So many great recc... So little time. I'm going to see if they have a web site and I'll send it to my friends. All these recc sound/look delicoius.
                    Thanks very much!

                  2. I don't think anyone has mentioned this. Bairrada Portuguese Wood BBQ 144 Jericho Tpke Mineola 15-20 minutes west of Music fair Everything here is cooked on wood charcoal, meats are everything from beef, chicken, lamb goat pig and fish You can order single items or the Rodizio which is all you can eat. Sides change daily and are served family style,good Sangria.Can be very crowded and loud and if you are near the front by the grills, a little warm. Food is consistantly good Defintely something different

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                    1. re: tastelikechicken

                      It sounds like Fogo de Chao. A little too chaotic for us, but thank you for the recc :-}

                      1. re: Tay

                        The big difference between that and Fogo de Chao is that there is no buffet, or at least there wasn't the last time we were there. I don't know if it's what you want though because you end up spending a lot of time trying to see what they are bringing around. I have also gotten the chicken from Pollos el Paisa, and I considered it, and the sides, to be rather ordinary, and not nearly as special as I would have though. The place in a converted diner, and not what I would imagine you are looking for as an evening out with another couple, unless you feel that price is an issue, which you said it is not.

                        1. re: robinsilver

                          nope, no buffet, no place to put it! You're right about looking to see what the waiters are bringing around, especially when it's busy, which it almost always is.

                          1. re: tastelikechicken

                            The food sounds good, but busy usually = noisy so it doesn't sound like the kind of relaxing, calm dining experience we're looking for on this particular outing. :-}

                          2. re: robinsilver

                            Thank you for really reading/understanding my OP. :-} I think you have been able to zero in on the kind of dining experience we're looking to have.

                      2. If I were going to Wbury Music Fair, I'd head east on Jericho Tpke and into they Syosset/Wdby area. Laguna Grill is in the shopping center on the corner of Jericho and Southwoods Road, as is Butera's (typical big plate italian place). also in that shopping center is Ben's Kosher Deli.

                        also, there is a Patsy's Restaurant on the corner of Jericho and Jackson Ave, next to Borders. Same ownership at Patsy's in Harlem. what i've heard is the coal-fired pizza is great, the rest of the menu nothing special.

                        If you turn left on Jackson Ave, heading into the town of Syosset, there is Mim's. reliable pastas/salads/sandwiches.

                        also, Ahan's shish kebab has a store in the plainview shopping center, which if you are heading east on Jericho, you can turn right onto (i am pretty sure about this name!) Syosset-Woodbury Road and go about 2 miles, it will be on the left. the intersection is where the blockbuster video is.

                        IMO, all these areas in Syo-wdby are much more accessible to Music Fair than the Old Country Road area in Westbury and less likely to be swamped with traffic on a late saturday afternoon.

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                        1. re: ediecooks

                          Thank you for your many reccs. A nice ethnic variety.:-}

                          1. re: ediecooks

                            That really depends on if you know how to get there. It is not a big deal at all. However Tay, based on what you have asked for, I would go with Coolfish.

                            1. re: robinsilver

                              I'm sure you know your restaurants and I thank you for your helpful reccs.
                              I couldn't seem to pull up their web page/menu. but based on your earlier recc, I think it's going to be either Coolfish, or Stuart's recc of LL Dent.
                              I'm actually starting to look forward to this 'trek' :-}

                              1. re: Tay

                                I ate at Coolfish years ago and had a very good meal and yes, Robin Silver knows the local restaurant scene. Hey Robin, how about a visit to Harbor "Q", any chance?