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Mar 21, 2008 03:10 PM

Rochester, NY local candy?

I'm looking for candies that are or were made in Rochester, NY, or are popular in the area. I am planning to showcase some candies from the places I've lived at my wedding, and although I grew up in Rochester, I couldn't really think of anything "local" besides the candy made at Stever's. Any ideas are appreciated... Thanks!

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  1. I would have suggested Stevers.

    How about Andy's Candies?

    Or Peter's?

    I'm trying to think of anything else that would be cool - Mrs. Richardson's Ice Cream toppings are made in Rochester. I'll write back if I get any other ideas.

    1. The sponge candy at any of these places is very Rochester, from what I hear. It's pretty tasty. I'd go for dark chocolate if I were you.

      There's a Geulah's fudge sauce sold at the Ravioli Shop (among other places) that's pretty good, although I don't think that qualifies.

      1. Encore Chocolates on Pattonwood Drive in the Stutson Plaza has the best chocolate I haver ever had. They even make a Rochester Bar which has the syline of the city on it. I highly recommend the chocolate lotus bowl filled with hand dipped cashews. The use chocolate as if it were clay to create some of the most unique edible works of art. Go to website and drool.

        1. I'm a Rochester native living in Philadelphia. I picked up this Rochester reference on the website for The Franklin Fountain, a gorgeous old timey ice cream parlour here. I had heard of Sen-Sen, but never knew it had Rochester roots:

          Sen-Sen was developed in the late 1800's by T.B. Dunn and Co., perfume dealers in Rochester, New York. According to Dunn's history, a plant supervisor by the name of Kerschner developed a formula for an effective and refreshing breath perfume. In keeping with its perfumery roots, it was on the market list for many years as a cosmetic. The ingredients of Sen-Sen are imported from Bulgaria, France, Turkey, Greece, Italy and some almost inaccessible regions of Asia. The product is still made on some of the original equipment that manufactured it in the late 1800's.

          $3. for 3 packs.

          1. Sorry I forgot Olivers is in Batavia NY