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Mar 21, 2008 03:04 PM

ThaiSpice in Norwalk

This is the 2nd time I have had take out for lunch and I must say the food here is very good. One thing to say though is that it is more on the hot side...even the items that do not have a spice symbol on the menu. Both times I have had the Mango Fish Curry which is made with Tilapia and it has been very delicious! And they deliver as well! I think this is really good food and I also know people that have gone in there and ate and agreed that the food was great!

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  1. Where is it in Norwalk?

    1. Jfood noticed this place a coupleof weeks ago and placed it on the lunch try list. Here's a link to it's menu and location

      It is located on main street south of the merritt in a strip mall next to the indoor baseball batting cages. It is a little hard to see but about across the street from McD's.

      Likewise Barisitas opened across the street from 401 Merritt 7 last week.

      1. I believe this place is owned by the same owners of Little Thai Kitchen in Darien/Greenwich. I agree the food here is good (im a big fan of the gang ped yang) and tends to be a bit spicier than the LTK's.

        1. Jfood just finished a very good Thai Mango Chicken - Red Curry chicken and mango ($8 for lunch) take-away from Thai Spice. On a rainy friday all the tables were taken (no waiters though) at 1PM. Jfood chatted a little with the manager. She is very pleasant, confirmed they are associated with Little Thai Kitchen and told jfood they are doing pretty well in this location. Food was coming out of the kitchen very quickly as jfood watched.

          When he returned to his office and opened the bag he was a little skeptical since the chicken was in one of those potato salad containers from the local deli (1 pound size) and when he opened the conatiner it looked more like soup than a chicken dish. So he took a nice scoop of rice onto a plate and spooned the chicken and sauce over the top. Lots of extra sauce.

          The chicken was nicely cooked, along with red/green peppers, onions and, of course, mango. The curry sauce itself was very smooth and had a little kick to it, but not too much to ruin the afternoon for us non-spicy eaters (this was a non-pepper icon dish). Would have liked a little bigger portion as jfood thought it was a little skimpy, but not too skimpy. So ThaiSpice is definitely worth a return visit and gets a strong 7 on the jfood scale.

          Also you need to be extra-special careful getting out of the parking lot and making a left onto main st. Oh boy.