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Mar 21, 2008 02:33 PM

Where can I buy queso guayanés in Manhattan?

I am hooked on the guayanés cheese in the arepas at Caracas--but I can't figure out a place to purchase it myself. Does anyone have any suggestions. I'm willing to travel, but the closer to East Village/Grammercy Park, the better.

Thank you!

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  1. You can find Queso Guayanes in a place called "Caracas Arepa Bar" near the south east corner of 7th Street and 1st Avenue in Manhattan.

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      1. looks like javch did not quite understand the OP, funny. the proprietors at Caracas never give up the source of their cheese! I love it in their cachapa; favorite dish! but they did say it was some wholesalers so . . . . we'll see.

        1. last i heard, Caracas Arepa Bar buys their cheese from Miami (theres a HUGE population of Venezuelans there).

          However, there is an online bodega with products from a bunch of S.A. countries.

          They have queso guayanes, and i would also recommend the following zuelan cheeses/products:

          Queso de Mano
          Queso Telita -- similar to guayanes in consistency, but cheese is almost compressed layers rather than a solid unit.
          Queso Palmizulia -- hard salty white cheese from Zulia, the state that borders Colombia
          Tequeños -- venezuelan version of mozzarella sticks, wrapped in dough rather than breadcrumbs
          Harina P.A.N. -- the best cornmeal-like product to make Arepas

          the cheeses are a perfect compliment to plantains if you havent tried the combination

          I've ordered from here a long time ago, and was very pleased with the products.

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            the guayanes is out of stock! but, great resource nevertheless; thank you.

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            1. I've found that restaurant just OK, nothing amazing at all, but pleasant. Also, welcome to Chowhound. What other restaurants do you like in Manhattan?