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Mar 21, 2008 02:32 PM

Concord Cheese Shop carries B&R breads

Besides being a great place to find great wine, cheeses, prepared foods and gourmet items, I just found out that they also carry a small assortment of B&R Artisan Breads from Framingham. It's located right next to the Iggy's bread when you walk in on the left. It is not labeled but just ask any of the friendly cheesemongers what types they are currently selling. I would never have known they had it if I didn't ask where they got their assortment of fresh bread from. Make sure you take the time to sample away on the cheese too.

Been wanting to try this bread for a long time now, just have not ventured over to Framingham for it. Just letting the "local hounds" know.

The French baguette is out of this world. Can't wait to serve it as a crostini app on Easter with assorted smears.

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  1. The Cheese Shop is a terrific place and as reported before they now have daily deliveries of B&R bread. Another place that also carries both Iggy's and B&R bread in Concord is Farfalle Italian Market. One item they carry that the Cheese Shop doesn't, is B&R's brioches which are to die for. Though their selection of dry meats and cheese is limited to Italian products, they have some quality products as well. Their paninis on Iggy's ciabattas are outstanding.

    It's time someone bring some Clear Flour bread to Concord now!