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Other than the French Room, where is the most romantic restraunt in DFW?

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      1. My favorite romantic spot is the dining room at the Hotel St Germain.

          1. Keller's Drive in on Harry Hines. Something about the "old-fashioned" service at your car when you flip the headlights on screams of romance. Not to mention when you don't have a lot of dough (such are the times currently for most) the burgers are great and portions are reasonable. You and your honey can enjoy a meal alone together in the vehicle of your choice and have spectators! Burgers, Taters and Spectators (for the voyeur in all of us)!

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              Tots with cheese, baby. The best night to go is when they have the classic cars.

            2. To me, "romantic" needs a unique setting in addition to transcendent food. All of the following will set you back a few bucks, but here goes:

              Aurora -- Beautiful space - when you pass behind the big, thick curtain, you are transported. Impeccable service and over-the-top fine food.

              York Street -- Clean, small, intimate modern space. It's across the street from a Texaco, but the frosted glass makes you feel like you are in a different place.

              Lola -- Very cool location in an old house with lots of small, unique, intimate rooms.

              Rough Creek Lodge near Glen Rose -- If you really want to go big, make a trip out of it and stay the night. Hang out at the bar, walk along the lake, look at the stars, etc. A more leisurely pace to life. Plus, it gives you an excuse to eat at Two Grannies Down Home Cookin' in Glen Rose on your way back.

              Why do you say no French Room? It's pretty amazing for the setting alone -- really nice service, too.

              1. Bijoux in Inwood Village. Beautiful, intimate, with stellar service and absolutely fabulous food by chef Scott Gottlich. Perfect for romance!

                1. Wow, that's a hard one.

                  I am somewhat partial to The Grape. I love what the new Chef/Owner is doing. It's small, quaint, reasonably priced and is Dallas' quintessential neighborhood bistro.

                  Another little tiny place on Lower Greenville that doesn't get enough Chowhound Love is St. Martin's. I haven't been there in a while, but I sure to remember it being Old-School Romantic.

                  How about The Old Warsaw? I went about 3 years ago and I loved it. I kept waiting for Cary Grant to go waltzing by. However, I got so drunk I have absolutely no recolleciton of whether or not the food was merely good or exceptional. If it had been bad, I would have remembered.

                  My .02.

                  1. Lola Tasting Room. But I got engaged there so I'm biased.

                      1. The Grape for a casual, slightly loud on the weekends, romantic feel. St. Martin, also on Greenvillle, is similar, but more quiet, but the food is not quite as good.

                        Lola, or Lola Tasting Room -- both good choices.

                        Bijoux -- a bit formal, but very nice atmosphere and stellar food.

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                          Y'all all know that I love The Grape but, oddly, I've never found it that romantic. Charming, yes. But romantic? Lola would be more my choice. I can't cite any specifics, it's just one of those things.