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Montien Thai

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Hi, I need some help. When I go out for thai food in the city I always, as many in this board, go to Sripraphai, but I live in Manhattan and am always looking -without any success- for great thai food anywhere in Manhattan. I just saw that someone mentioned Montien Thai recently with much enthusiasm but that is the only post here where that place is mentioned. Has anyone been? I feel an urge to know your opinions since I am inviting some friends who just came from London -and who are really into food- to eat out, and for some reason they want thai and the want to stay in Manhattan (they've been to Sripr before, anyway). Is this place an option? I cannot recommend any thai in manhattan and feel a little ashamed about it...Is there sometihing good out there that I'm missing?

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  1. please try jaiya on 3rd near W27. it's really authentic. better, by far, better than the places i've tried throughout the city, including those on 9th ave.

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      Ive been wondering the same thing about Montien..has anyone been?

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        i used to go to the nyu-area location once in a while about 15 years ago, and they were adequate until the chain over-expanded and they really began dumbing things down. maybe there's been a turnaround?

    2. Montien is not bad. My all-time favorite used to be Siam Inn II (8th and 51st/52nd?) and Red Garlic (8th and 54th). However both of these 2 restaurants closed last year. I am ver sad by this. I was told by Owner of SI that they would move to Chelsea, opening a restaurant called 'Thai Market'. But so far, I have not seen or heard anything about it.

      They made the most authentic Panang Curry outside of Thailand -- very good consistency, thick, not watery. Even slightly better than that in Sripraphai.

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        there is a new restaurant called thai market near columbia thta gets consistent, excellent reviews. i am wondering whether the chelsea location didn't work out for them and they moved uptown. does anyone know? i never tried SI but i liked red garlic. thai market is very, very good especially the curries. perhaps this is it??

      2. Tell you what I love Montien and don't have any problems with it. I live in Bermuda and never go to Manhattan without stopping by here. Love the papaya salad, wings, I could go on and on. Also the mussuman curry is one of the best I have ever had-just love the flavor and consistency. Once while sitting in I overheard a lady call the waiter over and say the following. "I eat Thai all over New York and this is some of the best I have ever had." I only wish they had a better drink selection-this would be my only disappointing comment if I had to make one.